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Blessed Are We

To here the melody of birdsong,

and the distant church bells ring,

to feel the wind upon your face,

and see the beauty of a buttrerflies wing

to walk through dewy pastures

on an early summer morning,

and stroll along the country lanes

just as the day is dawning

to sit beside a trout stream,

and wile away the hours

and watch the rabbits at their play

amongst the mea...

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The Demise Of My Town

My town ,a town, and its people i knew and loved has gone and is no more,the close knit communities that the elders of my town thrived in have gone too,and the spirit  of my town has gone with them.   what took centuries to build,took but a few years to destroy,my town  ( now a city) is a skeleton of its former self,the major thouroughfares  were bustling with townsfolk,six days a week, (no sunday...

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What ever happened to the good old days. ?

This peice of writing is an extract from a circular i received and thought it may be of some interest to some readers.         Whatever happened to the good old days when britania ruled the waves,people kept the laws,was polite and courteous,we didnt have much money but we were happy.    people whistled and sang,and there was still the united kingdom,our country we had fought for, our freedom,demo...

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This peice of writing comes from a circular i received through the post, i thought i would pass it on to a wider audience, enjoy.

                                     To all the kids who survived the 1930s, 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s,

First we survived being put to sleep on our tummies in cribs covered with bright coloured lead-based paints. we had no childproof lids on medicine bottles,loc...

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"Snippets" From"Oldlancsmans" Diary. Part six.

The terraced house we lived in,had no elecricity at all, it was lit by gas,and that was the front room only,the kitchen was lit by candles,when we went to bed,we put a small candle,in a jam-jar,and took that upstairs with us,( no health and safety to object,at that time ) the front room (parlour) was lit by twin gas points, they were situated on the wall mounted over the large Lancashire range ...

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Snippets" From "Oldlancsmans" Diary, Part Five.

Neighbours,  The neghbours we had were a mixed lot, but we all looked out for one another,if one person fell ill,they had no shortage of well wishers,and somebody's son or daughter would be sent round to see if they wanted anything from the shop'and if any choirs needed to be done.a hot-pot or a broth.would be taken to them ,they were the salt of the earth,  i miss them all,,  each and every on...

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" Snippets" from "Oldlancsmans" Diary. Part four.

On the street where we lived,a general merchant had his goods-yard,,where he stowed  his wares,this yard held a very large shire horse which was fed on a regular basis by all the residents, local and not so local,the merchant also kept an extremely beutiful rooster, its feathers were of many colours,it also sported a large red comb, it was a magnificent bird, when the merchant opened his yard i...

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"Snippets"from "Oldlancsmans"Diary. Part three.

Christmas came round once again,there were no presents, no turkey,no trimmings or tinsel,we were all sitting round the fire as we often did,eating jacket potatoes, freshly baked on the open range,when dad walked in,he was carrying a large sack on his back,he put it down on the table which was in the centre of the room, and proceeded to empty it,s contents, the first thing that came into veiw wa...

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"Snippets" From "Oldlancsmans" Diary. Part Two.

Talking of simple pleasures,my  pride and joy was my collection of birds eggs, and each spring i used to search every hedgerow every nook and cranny,hill and dale,looking for the eggs my collection did,nt have, this hobby would be frowned upon today, maybe our kids are better off playing with there x-boxes or game consoles,with there headphones on at max oblivious to the world that surrounds th...

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Snippets from "Oldlancsmans" Diary.Part One,

I was born on the 7th day of June,1938.hence my username. I was born into a working class family, a fact i,ve been proud of all my life,and will continue that pride.  Being born in such humble circumstances has enabled me to go through life without any airs or graces,so what you see is what you get, my education was very basic, very basic indeed,and i feel my writing may reflect this,but i,ll g...

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Was this visitor "Peg " O " The well ?.

entry picture

Many years ago,i was fishing a tiny stream known as Bezza Brook,it is situated just off Potters Lane in   Samlesbury and is a tributary of the River Ribble, It was way after midnight and i was fishing for eels that had travelled upstream from the river,    The night was still and balmy,the only illumination i had was my old bycicle lamp, this i used to light up the tip of my rod to detect any "...

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Day break breaking,Sunrise rising,birdsong fills the air.

The owls retire to hollow trees,the fox goes to his lair.

The bats retire to there roosts,the rabbits to there burrows'

And the farmer with his tractor,goes to his fields and furrows,

The kestrel hovers motionless,on silent wings he soars.

He searches over field and stream,and up unto the moors.

So rest awhile you...

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I sit here by the rivers brim,but i am not alone.

A thousand memories crowd my head, of freinds and family gone,

Loved ones i remember and the fells we used to roam.

A many-a-mile of pasture walked before we made for home.

We listened to the curlew, and the skylark soaring high,

And the "Peewitting " of lapwings as they tumbled from the sky.

At night we,d sit in silence ...

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Clogs & Shawles

entry picture
Stone slab pavements,
with cobbled streets.
Working class towns-folk.
with coker clad feet,
Women with shawls on,
the men wearing caps,
A rare hardy breed, both
women and chaps,
The whistle has blown,
their all in a flurry
They dare not be late, so
they all have to hurry.
~ 2~
The houses were terraced
and all in a row,
Two up-two down, with a
stone flagged
We did'nt have a
bathroom, our "loo" was
out of doo...

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