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The Gap on the Bap

I buy hotdogs and some buns
The amounts do not tally
So I have to buy more hotdogs to finish the buns
Then I buy mor buns to finish the hotdogs
Maybe if  do this often enough
It will cancel itself out

Or more likely
I will become bloated and addicted
To hotdogs and buns
And buy funeral cover from the same supermarket
Where I buy hotdogs and buns

But if they take my custom lightly

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Where's Me Brief?: She Knew Ronnie Biggs When He Was Still Someone Worth Knowing

A light fingered Macedonian nun
Ended her days in the sun
Where she did next to nothing
But fill lots of coffins
It's a 'miracle' she never got done

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Are You Taking the Piss Out of My Pint?

If you're a lover of beauty and the bard

In my hometown, you'll know that it's hard

To avoid passing fashions

Masquerading as passions

Merci!  Messer Jean Baudrillard!

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