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You are surrounded with world wearing mask,
At each and every break you have heart for task.

You may survive, you may fail, you may stay align..
Even with your strength and your emotion,you are pissing in a line.

They say they have your back on them,
But in actual they have your back and they do stab.

Victory wins heartbreak,
Failure wins relation;
Stability wins trust,
Giving up wi...

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Fishy Things

Left alone in the middle of street;
Far away there are no people to greet.

Thrown apart from the woods of sorrow;
Step in, being part of getting borrowed.

Ever found love is what family gave;
Others showered , to end up in the cave .

Family is the defination of being free;
If lost, follow the root getting to tree.

Messed up things can never be solved ;
Unless you move on, apart fr...

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Travel along

Through the green lanes, following the cemented roads;
With new hopes above head,covered with blue mould.

I was on my way to discover new sea;
Miles and miles afar was the new world awaiting for me.

To catch hold of it i got wet in the rain;
There's some kind of young drug running in my vein.

There's still hope in the lifted hand within the crowded lane;
There's it where i can settle ...

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