looking down

then looking up

      at stained glass skies

      penitence  humility  breaching the distance

sodomy airbrushed out

the fucking forgiven

       neutered dreams on a cushion of bliss

      because of all this


and underneath the spirit screams with mere respect.




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Thu 31st Dec 2015 20:06

Thanks for your input Vicki. I don't do church either, but weddings and christenings oblige us on the odd occasion.
Interesting that you have "lapsed" as they say. I suppose you couldn't confess this in the church itself - your membership having run out as it were. !

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Vicki Ayers

Thu 31st Dec 2015 16:24

I don't do church anymore - I'm a 'recovering catholic' - I like this very much!!

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Thu 31st Dec 2015 16:09

Harry, I feel that a full conversion is overdue ....
thanks for commenting. Whatever is over there, I think those are human concepts!!

Stu, Don't bug me, man! The passing of wind is a good analogy and highly embarrassing for the deliverer no doubt. Is there humour in church ? Cynicism never bodes well for the aspirant.


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Harry O'Neill

Thu 31st Dec 2015 14:47

Tell me where your church is, quick! In mine they have a Guy nailed up on a wooden cross (he doesn`t look a bit happy)and every now and then a priest gets up on the pulpit and blissfully cushions me soothing little bits of information about Death, Judgement, Hell and Heaven.

Your place sounds much more amenable :)

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Stu Buck

Thu 31st Dec 2015 10:42

ray i like your angry side. i call it 'red ray'. i am also enjoying these shorter pieces. the naughty word stands out like a fart in a silent sermon. excellent.

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