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The nines of the world curl, whole and enticing

Fat eights wobble but do not fall

Sevens sharply the space are slicing

Sixes are comforting, rock and cradle us all

Fives are boldly pregnant but sheltered

Fours chop up, down, over and square

Threes make promises, round and salted

Twos are monopods, stomping here and there

But ones like raindrops slip in, here and there.


◄ Michael

Octolune I ►


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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Sat 19th Dec 2015 12:30

Very imaginative, edgy with insight. I really enjoyed all of the interpretations, I anticipated some 'sameness' with the 9 and 6, wondering where you might go with the inverse idea. Good flip. 'Sudoku' limits the numbers to 1 - 9, yes?

And the whole world spins about on the '0', or rolls around erratically. But that's not possible, is it? Zero/nought is probably the most important number of all.

'Numbers' are a never-ceasing source of creative thinking, in both concept and written structure, and have been since ancient times. It's easy to understand why the fascination never wanes for the intellectual and imaginative mind.

I admire your input in all areas so much. You inspire me. 'Season's Greetings.'

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Freda Davis

Sat 19th Dec 2015 09:12

Thanks J. And Graham. Its hard to explain the attraction of wrestling with numbers. They strike everyone differently I expect.

J Graham

Sat 19th Dec 2015 01:21

Great representation of each sudoku number.

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Graham Sherwood

Fri 18th Dec 2015 23:26

Very clever indeed Freda.
Has a little of the twelve days of Christmas about it too.

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