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Are there any circumstances in which incestuous sex with a minor is justifiable?

“Of course not!” we’d say.  “That’s sick.”

Max is 14 years old and has Down’s Syndrome.  He is going through pubescent changes to his body and his emotions which he doesn’t understand but which are dramatically and adversely affecting his behaviour, including self-harm and violence towards others.

Other boys of his age have an entirely natural outlet for these frustrations of which he is unaware.

Should his mother show him how to masturbate?  She would know, on the one hand, that it is incest, that he is a minor and that it would be illegal; whilst on the other that it would be a gift of the only sexual pleasure he is likely to encounter in his (possibly) short life.

Difficult isn’t it?


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John Coopey

Fri 11th Dec 2015 15:35

Interesting thoughts, MC.
The idea was prompted by something I heard on the wireless a couple of months ago. A woman was in exactly this situation and faced this dilemma. Ultimately she decided against but which of us could have cast a stone if she had decided otherwise.
A hypothetical question for almost all of us but very real for thousands of families.

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M.C. Newberry

Fri 11th Dec 2015 13:16

An important issue that perhaps only a site like this - and a voice unafraid to ask - can address.
Parental love should never be associated with thoughts and
actions in keeping with pure sexual gratification by the
sexually aware. It seems somehow entirely logical that
such a scenario should meet no cries of outrage or
indignation if posed in a country like France - or even
Italy - where family is so much more than just a word.
In a less cruel world, such a lad ill-used by nature would
(no nod/wink intended) receive a helping hand from
others possessing an instinctive rapport allied to the
courage of human kindness in a society more advanced
than the destructive finger-pointing sort we have created.

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