How hard it is to know

When not in a state of absolute clarity

How simple pieces can impact you so drastically

So quickly

I wish I wish I wish

but now I just regret

Not staying, but being this way

Submissive to the peaks and slopes


I want to be with you

This has already been made clear

But what you don't know, recently

is just how much I want, need, crave

Whatever non-existent descriptive word you chose

to be by your side, and not far away

As I feel now

And dread in the year


Now you know, or maybe you don't

I can't quite conceive comprehensiveness

I hate the way I am here

I hate the way I can't decide

I hate the way sense comes too late

and fogginess resides

in the empty pit that is my head

in the cavern of my gut

I need some time away from time

to figure everything out

◄ excuse me

goodnight ►


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