merry Christmas

MerryChristmas all and have a happy new year.  Not sure if I will get any new poems up here before next year (love saying that when it's only a week).  I'm not the type to write Christmas poems etc so will leave it at that.  Been great salvaging what has been for me the most stagnant and uninspiring year so far - 2015 - you can stuff it like the turkey. 

Christmas in France with the in-laws and indulgent feasts,

all designed to slow down this beast

who's head bangs wildly from the lack of buzz

which I dare not bring with me on the plane.

Wine and champers to the rescue

as the seasons stand confused outdoors.

There is no snow - it is mild

even a visit to the Alps made do with artifical slopes for the ski.

Flowers are still blooming in the gardens,

where snowmen should be stood.

I'm an Englishman abroad,

with warm seasoned blood.

Tomorrow it will all be over

and we can all move on

to finish the year with promises never kept,

as the past now wept for the future.

Merry Winter Solstice - ye olde sun.


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