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religion or a witches spell

How can something strong be so frail?

How can something beautiful start to pale?

why does forever not last forever?

what do i do to find me a prayer?


I chose for love not cast or creed,

I chose a man who made me feel freed.

Religion turned our parents, they turned on us,

I turned on him, he turned on me.


I am caged again, my wings clipped again,

Nothing but religion has brought me to heel.

It preaches hate under the guise of love,

It preaches hope, and then takes it all.


He said hey, my parents, I'm scared,

I said hey, don't worry, I'm there.

No more kisses, stolen moments i said,

Take a step back, take perspective I said.


Figure out what you want, I'll be here,

Words that haunt, said out of a fear.

I hear a ringing in my head, it's past midnight,

There's no magic, just religion or a withch's spell.

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