Jack the Chaser (12/30/2015)

Flexed, tightened leather
second skin to none
abraided by the pounding dunes
gaze-burned in by setting suns.

cactus juice and guzzoline
books bound in human skin
lovesplit, explicity and obscene
loyal to the laughing kin

where law is lead-lined majority
powder-talk where rule is skipped
stranger-king's dplority
Big-iron holstered on his hip

rewritten tumbleweeds will tell
of gloves, hard-handed from brambles, and the wet
graves dug shallow as a rattlesnake well
but ain't nowhere to bury me yet

so long as blood's dried in my veins
I'll steal the legs to follow through
you'll hardly know me by my suture frame;
you'll know me by the bullet
destined for me
recast for you

what good's a legend what ends?
revenge revenge revenge.

psycho reign is a fleeting high isn't it?

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John Bastard

Thu 31st Dec 2015 15:08

Hi there stu
The environment was inspired mostly by the mad max universe, and fallout (see also the mad max universe ;) )

There are two giveaways:
The phrase 'big iron holstered on his hip" is from a Marty Robbins song 'big iron' that was featured in New Vegas, and also lead me into a two(?) day tequila soaked binge of 'Have Gun Will Travel.
The song is playing in my head as we speak.

Second, the title of Jack the Chaser from Anarchy Reigns, which is again a sci Fi western. A wreckless bounty hunter mostly motivated by revenge, he has a motherfucking chainsaw for an arm. A common theme in a lot of my sketches or writing is amputation, rewiring, rebuilding, home surgeries and stolen body parts--no matter what it takes to stay together until closure can be found.

The character in this particular piece has been resewn so many times the only thing left of his original form is his intent. I heavily romantisize that model of antihero, and I don't really like to think about what it might be saying about me

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Stu Buck

Thu 31st Dec 2015 09:38

this is very reminscent of the gunslinger by stephen king. was it a source of inspiration? either way its a great piece. very evocative.

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