Child of Beauty

Sleep, Thou Child of Beauty.

Soft Thine eyelids close.

Peace within Thy heart abideth,

Lovely in Thy sweet repose.


Wakeful Mary guards Thy rest.

Joseph o'er Thee watch doth keep.

Safe in Thy meadow-scented hay

Mother and Father protect Thy sleep.




Universal Love

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Martin Elder

Wed 23rd Dec 2015 22:30

I don't usually go for the King james version of the bible or songs, but this is beautiful. Fantastic Cynthia.
Happy Christmas

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Wed 23rd Dec 2015 17:29

Thank you, Harry, very much.

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Harry O'Neill

Wed 23rd Dec 2015 15:42

Lovely Cynthia,
It Just proves that used in the right sphere, of the right persons, at the right historical event, what might otherwise be regarded as archaic forms of address are absolutely spot on right.

besides being individually beautiful

(It`s strange how we don`t use that word about poetry much these days...I mean...Poetry!)

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Cynthia Buell Thomas

Tue 22nd Dec 2015 11:56

I wrote this song many years ago. I do not find a contradiction in its 'Christian message' to my 'humanist' ideals. For me, the 'story' - fable - myth - legend' epitomises the fundamental beauty of new birth and eternal hope among all persons of the world. I offer it in symbolism.

To music buffs, it is in F Sharp minor.

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