2015 is coming to an end 
2016 will you be my friend? 

Take away my lying friends
The girls made up like dolls
The gobby cows
The social media trolls

The girls that can't walk in stiletto shoes
That look to me like constipated statues

Those weird HD brows and over highlighted cheeks 
Fish pouts on Facebook and their lovely critiques 

The boys with their arses on show with low slung jeans 
The low cut tops with too much boob to be seen 

Men with cheap tattoos of mum, love and hate 
Then wandering round in a drunken state 

Please bring me a change, 
I can't fix stupid, 
or the deluded! 

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Ria Richardson

Wed 30th Dec 2015 20:15

Not sure Patrico of your purpose at a rhyming slag on my post but well done ... If you don't like please feel free not to comment

Happy new year

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Patricio LG

Wed 30th Dec 2015 08:18

I do believe low cut jeans showing arses are designed for certain classes, as hoodies over heads wouldn't it be nice to change designs for other threads. The fashion houses are to be blamed for brainwashing people towards certain trends, couldn't they mix it up with more kinder blends.
The same with music such noisy crap
Creating violent sounds spearheaded by rap
knowing young people lap it all up, drinking shorts from a small cup until they end up wrecked hardly can talk, look for a pretty woman they may want to stalk. as for boobs we all like them it's women's way to attract men. keep looking Ria, I'm sure you will find some other well read people closer to your kind. (SORRY :-()) I can see where your coming from. Brilliant poem by the way.

PS Happy New 'Hic' year.

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Freda Davis

Tue 29th Dec 2015 21:47

It sounds as if you could do with hanging out in new haunts in 2016, because I don't think these characters are going to change much. You do set them out very clearly in all their horrors Ria. I hope your new year brings some better company.

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