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Hide behind fake words and pictures
in a world of look who I am,
ensure that the truth is not fully shown
with a 140 character span.

Anything posted must be designed
to provoke those possessed of no brain,
either that or be vacuous egotistical tripe
from your life which we’ll all find inane.

Be sure to entice with a headline
or a statement to only infer,
friends and followers forced ...

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Living My Own Death

I can tell you exactly when it happened. I was sat on one of those plasticy leatherette chairs. You know the ones, they have them in all hospitals, they're easy to wipe clean if someone has a little accident. I had my hand clasped about my wife's fingers and though I knew I was squeezing them too hard she didn't complain.

She, the doctor that is, or should I say consultant? Anyway, she leant in...

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I remain broken


Pretty pink.

Soft, baby pink.

Gentle, rose petal pink.

Full of love, heart shaped pink.

Lipstick for the ladies pink.

Sickly-sweet icing pink.

Prim and proper,

don’t get your dress dirty,






“You’re such a girl,” he jokes,

As I refuse the offer, of one of his, ‘smokes.’

His eyes alive wit...

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Punk No More

True punk is testicles on the table,

True punk shocks and shames,

True punk tells no lies,

True punk shouts,

True punk exhibits,

True punk hurts,

True punk

No more


Someone stole punk’s rebellion,

Someone stole punk’s crusade,

Someone stole punk’s soul,

And then spat it in punk’s face.


The pureness of punk’s anger,

The naivety of punk’s war,

The a...

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Rebellion On High

A two finger salute to reverance

I say fuck to peace on earth

Let the meek and mild rise up

And take paradise for all it's worth

Harmony be broken

Revelation anger filled

I pray angels turn to demons

In none acceptance of what's willed

Harps be smashed by celestial choirs

Halo's smeared with shit

In protest against self proclaimed lords of fate

On glory of heaven I...

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Post Frontier

Dear Charlie
In trousers short, in summers long,
We played our games.
We talked, in voices breaking, 
Of girls,
Of plans,
Of adventures.
We heard together the call of country,
As boys we signed our names.
We would be the heroes.

As men we sat united,
Within walls of dirt,
Eyes uncovered,
Souls scarred.
Yet still somehow,
We were still those boys,
Together to the end.

I spoke t...

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Ink reflects both ego and id

Thought, the sole control

Environ and gene seek to outbid

Their versions to extol

Words, the colours shining

Scurry from past unknown

Mind pictures defining

From nerve seeds sewn

No perfect is created

Acceptance of best seen

Complete is left unsated

As is the poets dream

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Did You Know This?

My head hurts

My mind talks



Too full of black scribbles

The detrite true

Moves to the fore

The real I am

Brings down the scab encrusted curtain

Upon the show pretense

Every silent sound

Every nearly touch

Every eternal second

Every empty breath




My pathetic grows with helping hands

My unworthy shouts to loving wo...

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An Explanation To My Son

An Explanation To My Son
Mum sat bolt upright in the bed,
‘What was that noise downstairs?’ she said.
‘Schhnoorrrr!’ said Dad, still in deep slumber,
He too quickly felt effect of this unintended blunder,
As he was elbowed in the ribs with womanly force.
‘Aaaaah!’ Dad cried. ‘Shhhhh!’ Mum hissed and just to reinforce,
She clamped a hand upon his mouth and hissed through gritte...

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Where I am

Where I am

The festive lights sparkle

Glistening in

The eyes of my strangers

I assimilate insensibly

For it is dark where I am

And they do not understand

Why there is no tree


Innocent laughter tears

Excitement free

From warm-hearted tokens

My gift is emptiness

For it is cold where I am

And he doesn’t understand

Why there is no tree


Smiles of c...

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Aliens In Transit

Aliens In Transit

My split end hair trips the light fantastic as

it freefalls down and around your nowhere

empty heart shaped hole. Winds of nutmeg

histories so similar as to add whimsy

to the turmoil of lust, build walls of solitude


…..Your contraband choices,

     my suburban unset jam,

     our firebird distractions…..


The train is at the station where choic...

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In that location existed one junior male person bearing the title James although this was often shortened to an abbreviated form of address,

A person lacking in flesh to an extreme degree,

This juvenile lost his footing atop a small thin broken branch of a tree,

Which caused said adolescent fellow to go head over heels in a perpendicular manner from top to bottom into a gouge within the e...

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Sitting On A Chair Arguing About Computing

A little poem written with the help of my nine year old son Rhuiridh.


A young man who likes computing,

His Mum thinks he likes it too much,

The boy says he’s not on machines all the time,

Mum says that he talks double dutch.

Boy on the chair says, what does that mean.

His Mum says it means you talk such rot.

That isn’t fair the boy child said,

I’m not on computers a lo...

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A whisper of jitter bug spiders’ builds,
In my mind, spinning humorous, tickling,
Threads of sticky dense fog. Spreading tendrils,
Of forgetful and unmotivated.
My musings and imaginings concealed,
Within obtuse membrane of silken loss.


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I dreamt last night,

Of cool grass between my toes,

Tender breeze playing upon my naked, clean, fresh body.

I breathed deeply and I smelt the familiar musk of her,

Mixed with the vague aroma of perfumed hair.

I felt gentle breath upon my neck,

Caress of soft skin upon my own.

I felt peace.


But dreams are short,

Sleep a too rare luxury,

Sounds of...

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Breasts Gone Wrong

Breasts gone wrong,

Symetrically unorthodox,

These thin forms with cuts and folds,

Edges curved and holes that catch.

On tips of unsighted fingers,

These solid shapes,

Rasp with gentleness.

Hardened and lacking in give,

One uncareful touch,

Could crush,

These so unfeminine forms.


So unfeminine form.


Aternative title:   MASTECTOMY

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Giving In

I reach past defences thin,
Sense the tingle in your skin,
Beyond the hurricane within,
I touch, I feel, I taste your sin,
And let the fire storm begin.

Worries easily whispered down,
Tenderly kiss away fears frown,
In my caress your senses drown,
Resistance loss, my hard sort crown,
Intoxicating bliss your gown.

With soft breath your fate is sealed,
In abandonment you yield,

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Lady Spodden

Follower of the Sun,
Her liquid fingers caress,
Cooling, calming.
She dances in diamond clothing,
Swirling lubriciously,
Flirting with the overhanging foliage,
Taunting it with release.
Promising all,
Then passing on,
Giving nothing,
Its thirst for her,

Libertine lover,
Carrying fallen heroes,
Dressed in their angry uniforms,
Brown, Yellow, Orange, Red,
Swept up in he...

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Random access memory is my good and my bad,
Random access memory is my launching pad.
It makes me smile at the oddest of times,
Then at the worst moment tells me of my past crimes.
Hiding my words when I need them the most,
Throwing me glimpses of unlooked for ghosts.
Telling me truths’,
Whispering lies,
Random access memory, my life, my demise.

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I Remember

Moss lifted from a lake will bleed water upon my feet,
Saved from drowning,
Crying to drown again.
Bittersweet, Bittersweet, Bittersweet the memory.
Hollowed out scars of abandonment,
Face their foe of remembrance,
Struggling in battle.
Stalemate, Stalemate.
Bequeathed pain of loss shouts down recollection,
Reminiscence fights to fill void.
To remember is hurt,
To remember is to learn.


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The Cliff

Rock-fall face of granite cold,
Advocate of solidity,
Declarant of hard,
No passion will move,
No heat shall melt,
This God created, masculine geology.

Suicide precipice of spurned love,
Horizon of shadow,
Attention courting exhibit,
You shout your immortality,
Posing for notice,
Yet hiding, in nature’s stubborn silence.

You think yourself immovable,
You think ...

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Fear within, crawling through my skin,

Despise the fucking fear spewing forth its venom.

Terror strikes unbidden to petrify my mind,

Its snaking hands to tear what it may find.


Disquiet in beginnings, the dawn of my despair,

A lingering apprehension the bloody afterbirth.


Fantastic in its dreadfulness, delighting in my pain.

Horror, fucking horror as my fear turns me...

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Blind Love

Incomprehension and circles of being,

Only a part of the picture is seeing,

Eyes often miss the ugly that's masked,

Visions of beauty so falsely grasped,

The spiteful repulsive may be just a whisper,

The feared execration a transparent blister,

Immoral conviction the vaguest foul odour,

Fractioned perception belies mediocre,

Allow heart and soul to absorb the entire,


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Sunday Evening & Monday Morning

Inspired Bath Night by Travis Brow I thought I would share my own poems on the same theme.


Implausible the speed of hours passing,

Where and what were moments souvenirs?

The fruit of freedom turns sour before it is barely tasted,

Clouds with hues of duty threaten the remains of rest.

Garb of education, apparel of toil;

From baskets of interlaced branches they ca...

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Vanity conceals her beauty,
In covetousness she loses true,
Altered by wishes and longings supplied her,
She long since exchanged the natural for new.
The paints of disguise shout her lies to the viewer,
Convention cuts her desires in two,
Outer attractive displaying for notice,
Goddess within too scared to break through.

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Whit’th In’t Winter

Ee there lad,
Addle a grasp,
Pull yorsel together.
Aint nowt worse,
‘n a marrdy brat,
As what can’t andle t’weather.
A bit o’ cowd,
N’er did no ‘arm,
Minus five‘s likn barmy Spring day.
Ten foot o’ snow,
T’were norm in meh youth,
An’ y’d never hear nowt o’ this bray.
So stop all yer bawlin’,
An’ put on yer cap,
This frettin is mekin me vexed.
N’ if yer still chilled,
Then speak t’ ...

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Red Nose Politics

Impossible clowns, the joke’s on you,
War painted joviality the world sees through.
Taking with a smile and slide of hand,
Using tricks to implement the truths’ you’ve planned.
Injecting audiences with slogan filled vaccines,
‘A Britain living within its means.’
‘Securing a better future,’ but just for the have’s,
The have-not’s must follow alternative paths.
The tightrope of debt walked b...

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As Yet Untitled

Once upon a death-trap day,
I discovered me,
And decided,
With knowledge of courage needed,
To set her free.

Free with all her beauty,
Transparent to those who loved,
Clear to all,
Who thought they knew,
The me I thought I was.

No more of the hiding,
Behind words of expectation,
And fear.
Once upon a death-trap day,
I became my own creation.

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The Man Next Door

When first the man next door arrived,

We shook our heads, we rolled our eyes,

With shaven head, tattoos and scars,

The man next door.


As time went by, opinion altered,

Gradually got to know this rugged man,

Always a smile and a shout hello,

The man next door.


If sun did shine, no matter season,

Upon the grass he’d float in beams of light,

His love of catchin...

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The Usual

Sun through window,

Clock ticks.

I stare into space,

Blank mind like empty canvas.

Pen taps,


Failed slaughterer of time.


Work unfinished,

Clock ticks.

Cold coffee untasted,

I look at unread my emails,

and ignore them.



Clock ticks.

Clock ticks.

Clock ticks.


Shuffle papers,

Move mouse,

Press keys,

Clock ticks.


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He whispers in my ear,

With words contrived to change opinion.

Long, spindles of fingers,

Reach into my brain,



The shocks of his sorcery.

He tells his story, with whispered murmurs,

Using the language of his creator.

He surpasses,

Goes beyond expectation, 'til at last his spell is woven,

And the memory of his touch,

Leaves me yearning,


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The lights are dim,

The band plays loud,

The audience are the usual crowd.

There's John and Jim against the bar,

Commenting on the lead guitar.

Leanne sits with her best mate Sam,

Shouting over the music, how she loves her man.

Her man, Brad, is at another table,

Flirting with a lass named Mable.

Then Wobbly Bob staggers over the floor,

Empty glass in his hand as he o...

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Who Am I?

I am noise and thought,
I am not who I ought.
I am freedom,
I am fight,
I am the smallest glimpse of starlight,
In the deepest, darkest, stormy night.
Because of fear,
I am,
In spite of fear,
I thrive,
The death of hate and ignorance,
Is what keeps me alive.
I speak for the minority,
A voice for words feared spoken.
With ink and web,
My words are spread,
And your weak bullets are b...

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