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Perhaps it‘ll be over

when I dare to open eyes

blinded by the centuries

of imperialistic lies.

When the bodies have been buried

underneath their rubble rooms

and the children all lie sleeping

In their bleak nursery tombs.


Perhaps I will be happy

with my name written on a rocket

that makes its way to Syria

in some war monger’s pocket.

For how many deadly missiles

does it take to kill an idea

in an enemy that deals in currencies

Of hate, terror and fear?


Perhaps I’ll side with generals

who justify their cause

by the number of innocent casualties

obliterated by their wars.

Where the targets are acquired

and the planes are in the air

and they don’t know what to do next

and they don’t really care.


Perhaps I’ll ignore the people

who elected me to parliament,

thinking it’s a show of strength

to vote with this War Lord government.

I’ll stab my Judas knife

into the back of men of peace.

The wolf hiding in the flock,

draped in a bloody fleece.


Perhaps it will be none of this

and all will see some sense

that bombing foreign countries

is the worst form of defence -

because the terrorist will not be home,

he’ll be some where else and plotting

more atrocities on foreign soil

while dead Syrian’s are rotting.

act of warsyriavote to bomb

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 3rd Dec 2015 12:46

oh dear - and we seemed to be getting on so well

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Ian Whiteley

Thu 3rd Dec 2015 11:01

this could go on longer than the war
I suggest that what we are saying is 80% the same
while ever my taxes are going on bombing without a plan I will protest.
while ever innocent people are being killed - I will protest
and even if only 50% of what I see on my widescreen TV in 'safe' northern England is reality - I will protest.

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 22:20

haven't taken it personally at all David - you have a different viewpoint - I appreciate that, as I'm sure you appreciate that others will differ from yours.
If there was a workable plan in place, I would support action in Syria. That plan would need to include a ground force from all Nato countries to support targeted attacks. It would involve a strategy for stabilising the region post victory (if victory it was). It would involve the government pledging to cut off the supply route in and out if Daesh of arms and oil - including sanction of our 'friends' who are part of the supply and demand mechanism. It would include a credible policy to deal with refugees fleeing the war zone - not lip service support as we have now. All of that is way beyond the current plans which seem to consist of 'we need to join the big boys gang'.
As I said in my post on your poem - I have not visited a war zone - nor do I wish to do so. That doesn't mean I cannot feel empathy for those involved - does it?
There is a difference between 'immediacy' and 'too immediate'. We are rushing into a campaign that we cannot win in the air alone. There are no credible ground forces to support this action. Until the government can clearly prove there are - we should desist.
your mention of 'self-ridicule' similarly amused me - your comment wasn't about 'self' ridicule - it was a comment ridiculing others for having a voice. I merely reflected those words at your own poetic attempt to get your point across. Surely you see that?
You know nothing about me and I know little about you - it would appear that we mostly disagree on this matter - your viewpoint will probably be carried today in the Commons - doesn't mean it's right - doesn't mean it's wrong. Doesn't mean either of us should stop expressing views because the other argument is weaker, or stronger.

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Ian Whiteley

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 18:49

Thanks for your comments guys.
David - I pretty much agree with your first few words - however you are assuming I have no views on a workable alternative - and that I should back off from accusing elected politicians of war mongering.
You are wrong on both counts.
If we do not challenge our politicians actions then we are complicit by our silence. I do not agree with bombing innocent civilians with no workable plan in place to ensure (a) the targets are isolated and (b) that we have a strategy to follow up the bombings.
This '70,000 ground troops' who are miraculously going to gel behind these actions is nonsense.
Equally, very few military strategists believe bombing will be effective without troops on the ground.
All we are doing is adding percussive weight to a campaign of blanket, indiscriminate, bombing.
I will make my point through poetry - in the same way that you have the option to make yours - but do not accuse me of naivety simply because my view is different to yours.
This poem has once specific message - it is not aimed at attacking poets with a different view point - it is aimed at making a case to halt proceedings now - think out a strategically workable plan - and commit with all the uncertainties removed. Do not rush into an extended war because this government wants to be part of the big boys club.

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Tim Ellis

Wed 2nd Dec 2015 10:05

Good poem Ian. A pity the MPs aren't going to listen today.

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Martin Elder

Tue 1st Dec 2015 21:41

Nice one Ian. I would definitely like to hear this one live. I can hear the rant already.

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