I'm going to turn you into a warrior but I won't give you a badge of honour

I'll take you to a point where you want to die ... When you say enough is enough ... When all you can do is cry 

I'll make you feel like every bone is broke ... To just stand up tall will feel like a huge joke 

But please remember as I take away your nails and all your hair 
I'm only doing this as I really do care 

I'll remove your dignity and show you how to loose your identity

I'll teach you how fast I can run round your body ... I'll stop your immune system as I kill every antibody 

The sickness will come .. This I can't prevent as I poison your body I can't be content 

But as I go I see the bad cell  ... I'll engulf the parasite and make you well 

When I'm done you won't recognise yourself but I'll have done my job and give you back some health. 

◄ Cancer

Urgh.... ►


Lynn Hamilton

Mon 28th Dec 2015 11:01

Hi Ria. If you receive two comments on this apologies. This is a brilliant piece and I'm thoroughly enjoying reading your work. Xxx

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Tommy Carroll

Sun 27th Dec 2015 12:45

Ria, Chemo, Setting fire to the hen-house to kill the fox inside. Tommy

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Ria Richardson

Sun 27th Dec 2015 08:22

Thank you... It is from personal experience and sometimes when I get my feelings out of my head I can almost move on in myself

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Patricio LG

Sun 27th Dec 2015 06:11

Most of us have been touched by cancer in one way or another, the unbearable sickness caused by chemotherapy doubles up the agony of this evil disease, well thought out. Tragic.

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