I'm tired of not knowing how to act when we're around each other.
I'd like to say it's more but, do I just feel like a brother?
You say you like me but then you leave me hanging
without a line for me to climb when I'm crash landing

You're afraid to take a leap of faith,
but I get that, I understand,
it takes time, but the only problem is,
I wont be there when you want to land.

I cant wait for you, I'm hurting already
from the pain of knowing that there is no mutuality.

The reality is I fell for you, but you didn't catch me,
instead I'm falling further, feeling worthless.
I can't even tell you what, in actuality, is happening
because last time I let you in - you were uncertain.

When someone opens up their heart to you
don't tell them it's scarred and ugly.
You think I don't know I have problems?
Of course I know my past is bloody.

You're lovely, I don't want to let go.
I want to be and do all the things we said,
but we're too different though,
and instead I fell, heels over head.

So that's it, I'm done, we can no longer be friends.
We just weren't meant to be but it's not the end.
We can go our separate ways, the maze ahead isn't so scary.
Go. Be free. Don't look back, just promise me, be wary.

I thought we could push through
but I... I wanted... I'm just not ready for...

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