I want to be alone,
but only within my family.
I want to to teach you
but only with him too.
I want to help myself
but only if you help me.
I want to be confident
but only if you are there.
I want to be creative
but only if you allow me.
I want to be a parent
but only if I’m parented.
I want to be an adult
but only if I can be a child.
I want to feel emotions
but only if you hold me.
I want to travel the world,
as long as you are with me.
I want to feel love,
but I can’t love myself.
I want to grow up,
but my past comes back.
I want to be strong
but my mind lets me down.
I want to be me
but I’m not sure I can.
I want to guide you
but I don’t feel worthy.
I want to love
but I’m scared of being alone.

growing upindependenceloveparenting


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