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I like clocks, I enjoy the

reassuring ticking away.

What you see is what you


get with all instruments

measuring time, but if you

happen to be in a ward, it's


scary when the sense of 

time departs and a clock no

longer tick-tock-ticks away.


And the computer screen

shows jagged lines, as

the resuss team pile in


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Also by Philipos:




If you take  the Metropolitan Line from Baker Street to St Pancras,

then the Piccadilly Line northbound to Finsbury Park,

change platforms and take the southbound Victoria Line to Oxford Circus,

then northbound on the Northern Line for two stops,

you will end up precisely where you started from.

Which begs the question - what's the point?

What IS the bloody point???

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Also by Chameleon:

Living in a Box | Something of a Loner |

The Dance





As she gently weeps…


Chirping birds in dialogue… 


Whisper a dance…




Can you hear their secrets unfold…?


Like naked puppets in silent obedience…

Can you see their luring flames?

Their tender embrace? 



And she gently weeps…


While chirping birds in dialogue…





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the dancexoanxo

i miss you.

the warm sun reminds me of you.

the way you would hold me, in your big, strong arms.

the way you would call me beautiful, kiss my forehead.

the way you would make me feel safe. 


i miss you.

i miss you, but you don't miss me

that's the issue. we all want what we can't have.

you never think of me, but i constantly think of you.


you were the first guy to truly care f...

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For E. Scott Alighieri

Nothing can stay with me,
Nothing I love or hate 
No dark shadow can make me afraid
No divine love saves me from the grave.

Through the roar of the waves tall grasses sink
Into evolution's dismal course,
Abducted by charm our younger selves
Notice the brilliance of water
On a nondescript day.
Now years look like moments
As I whistle my way into the field laughing. 

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Also by John E Marks:

Lunacy | THE PRIDE of AFRICA | Forgive, forget | Target practice | Generation 27 | The Christie | Water tree | Rainstorm | Empire of the Sun | On first looking into Popōcatepētl | The last Byzantine | Genocide | SPRING SNOW |


O, poor snubbed soul, will no one hear your chimes?

Is your cachet so invisible now?

Why does blind ignorance fill blinkered times?

Are you the sacrifice; unholy cow?

Did you not nail our colours to the mast?

And vow yourself to be selfless and true?

How dare they name you tiresome, fake, bombast?

Will faithful believers not hear from you?

Who considers you less by dint of ...

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Also by Graham Parker and his musings:

Daisy chains at sea | Clocks | Faded Icons | Matins | Syringa | All-inclusive | Waiting in Vain | John Bunyan's Shed | Garlic 18 | Wordsworth's Shroud | Myopsida Palmatum Atropurpureum |


Tonight might be the night, higher than a kite
Taking flight, out of sight burning gas
Smoking stress waiting for panic passed
Dreams melting into dripping glass
Time worn into candle wax
Picking up the slack, pennies in a stack
Light a cigarette, blow it out your back
Things in the dark quietly click and clack
Pager chirping in the encompassing black
Excuses lined up on the rack, smashed...

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Waiting in Sadness

Waiting in sadness
Wearing a shawl of loss
Wakeful in the dark night
Quietly being, listening

In the still silence
Ungrounded, floating
Part of the world
Dwarfed by its enormity


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Also by Brenda Wells:

Early Summer Morning | A Sea of Bright Stars |


Let's restart everything become unbroken
Let's forget about the motives that drove us here
Who needs the memories 
If we can have a moment of solitude

This is the moment you decided you are over your ex
SIx months and you almost killed yourself 
You don't need this 
Life starts now so don't think about it 
Just keep moving on 

This is the decision
This is the decision that writes the...

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Also by Damon Blackery:

Control Has Been Lost |

art thieves

The art thieves
Sven and Albert were two old friends in their late thirties
They made a modest living by pilfering things and selling them to a second shop
Where no questions were asked.
The rumour was a summer house not far from town was full of arts
Paintings on every wall.
They borrowed a car and drove up there to see what they could steal
In the fading light, they picked a pict...

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Also by jan oskar hansen:

art thieves | the occupation | an island | the ending | tired angels | ages | the foresight | may morning | India | a little argument | echography | Derik and Floyd | what happens to Facebook | the fear | the abbess | elderliness | what few see | love unseen |

Fast Food & Phones



The way it used to be 

Families at the table

enjoying conversation

enjoying each other's company

Now it's all fast food and phones

conversation replaced

by plastic plates and plastic phones

people not looking up

constantly staring at a screen

Families are not the same

without those meals together

save a place at the table

save our families

save our ...

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Also by d.knape:

WOK | MONEY | BAREFOOT | SMOKE | CONDENSEDPOEM | MUSTANGS | Childproofing A Poem | University Of Stupidity | High Volume | Old Crow | Morning Moon | Short Poem | The Little Things I Do | Not As Young As We Used To Be | Cowboy Blues |

Hurting / Healing


I was waging war on my body before it had even fully grown 
No respect for the temple that houses my soul 
With cuts, and drugs and other people's limbs
I have shown her little she is respected 
And expected her to carry on as though she were

Countless sleepless nights and 'just one more drink' 
And I have pushed her to her limit 
She's crying out for acknowledgement
No more abus...

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Also by Lauren O'Donoghue:

Broken | Truth | Pathetic Fallacy | Recharge | Addiction | Unreserved | Paradox Girl | Helping | Friends | Hoop | Childhood | Paranoia | My Poetry Book | Rain | Rush Hour | Valentine's Wish | Old Friends | Lentils | Mum | Creative Blocks |



The key to finding yourself

 Is to no longer look

But to separate yourself

From what's deemed normal

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Also by Cody Roach:

You and I | Keep me | Finding my way home |

Old As Love II

you have to watch it in here

old blokes get up to all sorts

seem to lose inhibitions and

indulge in odd water sports


dicks emerge like clockwork

just like they're past caring

pyjamas are a good excuse

for opening up and sharing


doesn't shock me anymore

hang there minute and limp

yet one or two can still do it

Patrick's a potent old pimp


its massiv...

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Also by simon lucan:

Old As Love | Nibs | First Light | Rouge | Wings | Grassland |

care homedaddicksoldpillsvisor

My dreams!!!!!

There're dreams I've seen

Some real small

Many really big

Each having it's own colouring

Dreams to be rich and famous

And most of my life

I've lived Struggling

To make my dreams come true

I've achieved it all 

Lots of wealth, pomp and show

Financial powers lie at my feet

Humans bow before me

I'm rich and famous

I've attitude to show others

I wear branded d...

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Also by Moon.girl:

This is it. | Your words | Fissures | Last card | Brokenness |

Sweet Dreams

above the trees and roof tops
floating across the sky
a heavenly display 
shapes divide and multiply

an early evening sky scape
drifting clouds pass on by 
pretty pastel colours 
a candy treat for the eye

sugar coated almond hues
pale blue, pink, peach and creams
melting away my worries 
my hope to dream sweet dreams 

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Also by julie callaghan:

Another Milestone | Jordan Banks RIP | WOL Anniversary | Reasons To Be Grateful Week Two | Ripples | Rhododendron | National Limerick Day | At Last | Come Dine At Mine | Escape Room | Bluebell Woods | Tonight’s Walk | Reasons To Be Grateful Week One | Little Robin | The Fourth Of May | Dawn Chorus | The Covid-19 Memorial Wall | Old, New And Incomplete |


Ek Anjaana sa rishta hai tera mera..
Kuch khaas, anokha ,ankaha..
Aane se tere bhar jaati hai rooh sukoon se..
Jab ati hai maati ki khushbu, maano jud jati hu me fir khud se..

Kya kehti hai ye boonde teri,
Kya laati hai sandesh baadalo se..
Samjh le jo inhe fir kabhi na kare bagawat inse.

Bas yuhin tum dheeme dheeme aati rehna.
Apna ye sangeet in kaano ko sunati rehna.
In boondo ke adbhut...

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Also by Gazal Jain:

The Last Kiss | 6th Month Wali Feeling |


Song of rain

These rain bearing love clouds

Dark, dank and grey but lovely

Like umbrella it stands overhead

With holes in it's shade to spray

Drizzling nectar of love over us

Drenching us with happiness 

It's time to be merry, celebrate again

Let's sing some happy songs

While dancing our way around

Climbing hills of hopefullness

And smiling like eternal sun


The cloudy weat...

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Also by Ghazala lari:

BFF | Blessed beginning | A lantern of hope | Life goes on | The seasons lost | Ameen | Silly rhymes | Beautiful life ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Liars and cheaters | Article 5: teenagers during pandemic | Fearful heart | Article 4: Children during pandemic | Plagiarized | Everlasting joy | Happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! | Bright side | Long lost noon | Morning delight | Afternoon memories | Article 2: Dreams | Article 1 | Heaven on earth | Unblocked | At the front | Sound of love | So to say | Beautiful journey |

An amazing hearing aid !!

Jane had just bought an amazing hearing aid,'twas the size of a pea.

"It's amazing,it will make such a difference to me."

"Was it very expensive?"asked her husband Jock.

"It fits neatly into my ear,It's nearly three o' clock."

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Also by hugh:

Lost for words ! | A conversation between a husband and wife | A hole in one | A thieving problem ! | A painful visit to the dentist | A crack in the Labour mirror | A rash promise | Diarrhoea !! | Dog thefts | Sad Saturday sewer story |

List For Santa-Claus

I just need someone to massage my mind.
Oh, but these neurons are aching.
I just need someone to drag me up out of this life
Where I am dying.

I just need a hand while I find my feet,
But one that won't hurt me.
I just need a body to hold in the night,
But one that won't scare me.

I just need someone to cradle my thoughts,
Keep Baby from crying.
I just need someone to show me that th...

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Also by Aviva Rifka Bhandari:

Prophecy | Sauce For The Goose (Rough Justice) | So Really And Truly Crazy | The Grind | To A Friend To Be Forgotten | The Wonder Tree | Chicken Licken | Deadlock | Taken From Me | Desperate Prayer | Screams Of A Spoilt Child | Real Lows And Artificial Highs | War Of The Sexes | The Hardest Tears | End Of The Road | Dream On | Buried Treasure |

afraid of intimacydepressionlove's tempestvaginismus

Mr Frost


Goodbye Mr Frost

Did you leave the children screaming?

Give their life some meaning?

Do they realise the cost?


Stay there 

So you can hear him breathing

Prepare you for the grieving,

for the wailing of your soul


Slow down 

His darkness is just growing

Your stomach churning, knowing

That the end is coming soon


...And he's right here in your ro...

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Also by Stephen W Atkinson:

About the size of it... | Beyond |


In the early 1990’s I was tasked by British Coal with organising the recruitment for the imminently opening North Selby Mine.

We preferred experienced transferees from closing mines, either locally or from further afield, like South Wales; but we also took on “Green Labour”.

I recall one occasion when I received a bunch of application forms which included two from Russia.  Bear in mind that ...

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Also by John Coopey:



My heart starts missing a beat

i admit defeat

i give up those harsh words

advanced trance like state

i helped to create

just like that

i fell from grace

gone without a trace

every wrong doing has a special place

i call it home, so now you know

how to run a show


Do i sound depressed

you know, a total mess

torn apart

nothing less i suspect

blind towa...

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Also by Rudyard Kooistra:

TAPP. | No title needed. |


A few days ago I asked for a word and you said balance so I used it 

In lock down we wrote Daily we can write and i'll prove it 

So here goes "a situation in which different elements are equal or in the correct proportions"

It's all about balance equality fair portions 


Trying to balance being a mum a daughter a writer an artist a girlfriend a sister is more like a juggle 


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Also by Sarah Louise mcnee:


My love for you

You inspire me to be more than I am, 

It has been unconscious since our meeting.

I strive for your affirmation,

To have my hopes dashed by my own hubris.

My pinnacle is your salvation,

But just to conjoin myself to your journey is its own reward 

I am enamoured by your presence 

Your beauty is Maine's first solstice.

I could not delineate my narrative to you,

In fear of ...

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Hindsight marches in, nonchalant,

And makes one a revisionist historian:

Dilemmas resolved but deleterious

Once again promise to turn mysterious. 


So the agony of crossroads past

Is sculpted in high-relief,

While erstwhile echoes

Taunt in high-fidelity. 


The farce is interactive

And the thespian exceedingly demanding:

Exhumes storylines thought inert,


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Also by Holden Moncrieff:

Roman-à-clef | Flickers | A Thousand & One | Temporal | Vernacular | Thebes | Pharisaic | Kafka's Door |

Free Palestine 🇵🇸

As innocent blood smears across the now rubbled streets, 


Israel continue their massacre leaving children 6 feet deep. 


The unending air strikes light up the sky like exploding stars, 


And the ethnic cleansing continues to engender trauma and forge generational scars.  


This is by no means a conflict but the bestial oppression of the Palestinian nation, 


We ...

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Also by Your Royal Poetess:

14/12/1994 |



Picking you up to go driving
I’d get there early to watch you get ready
both seventeen and tangled
in that unspoken thing between us
Cruising the looping country lanes
in those dim headlight beams
That was our place, alone together at last
Two teenagers, eyeing each other sideways
and wondering who each of us would be
would you always stay right there
would you always be
in the car with...

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Also by Tom:

The Window Box | Chlorine |


Painting in the air

Over soaring seams of smooth

And finely woven cloth

I stretch out my hand and let my fingers

Touch the undulating run of green

Allowing a single finger to sketch the unfolding line

Of raised and proud gently lurking downland

Hills and meadows

I watch a distant hawk waver on shimmering waves

Of unseen sullen heat


Then dropping my hand to sweep across

Beaded heads ...

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Also by Martin Elder:

An island of silence |



At the time of colours, no one came here.

The sea-red sand, compacted, stained the floor

Of the yellow valley. Some way above,

Off-duty mountains in teardrops of blue

Topped hedgehog browns in bark of trees. At dusk,

Venus shone, white as glass. No one came here.

Alleged sightings of a stagecoach, a cart,

Or a bicycle, easily disproved,

Confirm this truth, with proof t...

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Also by Stephen Gospage:

Bars | What Matters | Detective Stories |

Perplexed Feelings!!


 You messaged me 'Good Morning'.

My reply made me seem busy.

You are right, I was distorting.

Did I act silly?


I don't know,

what I did was right or wrong.

I had to show

since it had been long.


Time has changed,

so have the situations.

And I am perplexed

with my expectations.


I do love you

but don't know what to do.

It's been a whil...

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Also by Advaita singh:

I want to distant you! | Rain, I love this day!!⛈☔ | I thought, You had a crush! | Listening to Heart ❤ !! |



I'll make you tea 

as you always said 

stay away from rain 

don't get wet 

shout on us when we play

ate ​​​​​sand with gay 

slattern, we were 

you bathe us till the next day 

your smile when we back from school

you exclude us amid those fools

take away all our worries 

let us play with tools 

when we grew up 

we made you dishes 

you always said you like th...

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Also by Nazia Khan:

Living in coffin | How long I live | Long is the way | Heaven is evil |


My Time had come

I have been as free as I have ever felt

Only still longing to find love again in the heart of another

I am faced with Choice in my direction

Taking faith in making the right decisions


The other day I went out to a local Jam session

Where local artist play their instruments in a dance with one and other

The scene being a large red barn built in 1907


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We Wake Up Together


A morning gong scatters the stars-
dreams retreating to the edges.
Now begin in the middle of things.

Two spirits fell to Earth entwined,
the one and only image of Eden.
And guarantee of fruitful days.

Two lions, powerful heads
lolling against one another,
eyes open/closed.

And doves-  
beaks hold out branches
as promise for a safe home.

How renaissance draperies follow fo...

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Also by Adam Whitworth:

To Known Individuals Who Took, Or Failed To Take, Particular Actions On Particular, Well Documented Occasions. | Merry-Go-Round | Meeting The Day | Lanterns In The Trees | Only The Relevant | Appearances |

The riddle called Love

The riddle called love ... 

A debate as old as the mountains
with no definitive answer in sight.
Who has an answer 
Who might be wrong or right? 

Adel sings, sometimes it lasts
Nazareth sings it hurts.
Ellie Chu from the half of it, thinks it's 
"messy and horrible and selfish and bold". 

Turn it upside down. What is it not?

Love is not guaranteed
nor just a simple choice

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Once it blooms
folds the mental glooms,
nothing in sight
except its bloom bright!

The flower red
on past its petals fed,
Each petal has rosy lips
as if its fragrance speaks.

It speaks the stories old
along with moments gold,
the story of two-unbold
roses never get a chance to unfold.

Each of its nector
remains inside,
in a frozen state
it saturates.

Let's the roses bloomed again,

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WAVERING WIND | What is charity? | GONE ARE THE DAYS... |

The Blame

The bird had put the blame

On the wind

To escape from the accusations

Made by the rose

The wind had put the blame

On the season

To define herself as the breeze

That every flower wants to seize

The time had put the blame

On the ambigous space

To defend her soul once again

Arguing that she was not feeling the same

The artist had put the blame

On the lyrics of t...

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Also by Begum Burak:

Gathering |


please don,t

how do you kill a man thats already dead 

how do does who cant undertand

cone to and understanding 

why do the stars of the world always hace to fall, before they shine 

office blocks and jail blocks both hold prisoner 

but son today whos holding you ransom 

oh please be reasonable when stealiing souls 

please be gentle when yourbreaking hearts 

not all thiefs play at night...

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Also by Keith Byrne:

to you | life | her | open | from the soul |

Love Lives Here

Urgent house repairs

cracked damp window

shiny peeling wallpaper

musty smelling carpet

plaster flaking ceiling

heart to heart

mental stress showdown

depression discreetly leaves

when you say

I love you

knowing battle lost

limited influences here.

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Also by Nigel Astell:

Held Accountable |

sunshine shines within

Book Shelf


transpose your sentimental self

into the books that line your shelf,


become the beasts that fearsome roam, 

possess their traits as if your own,


devour the words you fall upon

feast until the hunger’s gone,


and in that knowing spare yourself

that you might share what counts as wealth.


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Solace in the storm

The grey canopy threatens and thunders.
As rain patters, the earth starts moaning.
The angry storm unleashes its fury.
The trees are drenched in rain water
The flowers are swept away
The beauteous verdure is muddied with flood water.
Revengeful winds slap everybody.
Relentless rain water rushes into houses.
Tropical cyclone has mercy for no one
Save for the man who walks through the ragin...

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Harry Potter

Harry Potter's adventures have been enjoyed,
He was a boy wizard who could not be destroyed.
There was a bad mage, known as Voldemort,
And it was Harry's death that he sought.

Harry survived and he was raised by muggles,
Who were cruel and harsh and cared not for his struggles.
But Harry entered a school where magic was taught.
It was a huge castle and it was called Hogwarts.

Ron and Hermi...

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Also by Stuart Vanner:

Star Wars | Pubs |

Harry PotterStuart Vanner


Poem 196 of 230:  BLYTH - AUTUMN 2002

After a day
    Of moulding work,
I made my way
    To Blyth’s centre,
Where windmills play
    Near the staithes,
And where one may
    Dine or choose at
The Art Cafe.

(C) David Franks 2003 - https://walkaboutsverse.blogspot.com

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Mermaid's purse

Lips, bruised with Rioja,

she wanted to bathe,

I sparked up candles,

fumbled for towels,

and as it thundered

she invited me there,

soft peach, grape kisses,

the air, warm and wet,

as I popped another,

glugged us to the brim,

gifted myself, each toe,

knee, thigh, suds dripping

from the heel

as I worked it,

soft and circling,

all the way down,

to the g...

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Also by Mike Watts:

October |

Why Poetry

What is it?

About what I went through in earlier times

That makes me want to write about them

With a flowing rhythm in rhyme

Why is it?

The focus always seems to be about negativity

And the painful pitfalls of our society

Of moral injusticies encountered by me that are a crime

How is it?

I remember the times that were good

But, so often feeling sad, only write about t...

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Also by J.D. Bardo:

Over the "Hump" | DESOLATION | The Accidental Best Friend |

6 reasons why I can’t sleep with Alexandre

6 reasons why I can’t sleep with Alexandre


His dark skin

Those muscles

And tall stature


His broken English

Makes conversations strained

But to me— it doesn’t matter


I want to climb him

Like a deep mahogany

Timber ladder


‘Tell Rasa I’m single’

He said to his housemate— my buddy Amelia

The thought of him on top of me

Made my body tingle



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Ode to Nature

We are in a new age

Where our minds are racing,

From one topic to another.

Are we in constant search for new information?

And It's information overload.

Our mind is like an ocean-

 with its fierce commotion of waves.

Our gadgets,our companion

But does it enslave us?

Is nature becoming alien to us?

Longing to be in tune with Nature.

The wondrous joy and peace it bri...

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Also by Anna John:

Freedom |

Lack of Confidence

Should God be real despite unample proof

I'll stand for Him before I stand aloof

If heaven's gates refuse me when I die

Let not my lack of confidence be why

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Also by The Chessplayer:

A Goodbye Unsaid | The Moment of Death | Felt | Good Times | Notice (Haiku) | Belief Is Like a Bird That Nests | The Roaring Rain Outside | The Void |

dubito ergo sum


For my brother 30.01.1937 - 13.05.2021

No one lives forever - today that's been brought home to me,

And never send to know for whom the bell tolls - it tolls for thee, you see.

No recent answer to the telephone and emails that were ignored...

The mind conjured up its reasons - perhaps he just got bored

With the expectations that went with the thought.: Reply you idle man!

You're ...

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Also by M.C. Newberry:


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