Fallen Nation

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Christopher Columbus was the catalyst for our decline
Followed by a swarming plague of European greed
They came to divide and conquer and take our lands
Seen as savages of their knowledge we had no need
For generations we loved and lived at peace with nature
The buffalo roamed free and the rivers teemed with life
We had a deep connection and respect with the earth
Then the pale face white man brought us trouble and strife


Across the the vast plains and the wild frontiers
We had to go reluctantly to war to fight for our survival
At Wounded Knee the cavalry massacred our kin
Our warrior race will never bow down to a inferior rival
At the Battle of little big horn the Sioux  put paid to Custer
We don't need no reservations to keep us under control
Freedom is the dream that our many tribes pursue
Apache, Cheyenne, Navajo one day will achieve their goal


When the last tree is cut down, the last river poisoned, the last fish caught
Then only will the white man discover he cannot eat money
The future has been destroyed in your incompetent hands
Whatever became of the land of milk and honey
You have stolen our hearts and minds but you won't get our souls
When America finally crumbles to dust we won't complain
Like a perennial phoenix we will rise from the ashes
Our people will rejoice and finally be a nation once again

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Tom Doolan

Mon 17th May 2021 20:42

Hi Stephen 😊 - Thanks for your positive feedback. T 👍

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Stephen Gospage

Mon 17th May 2021 09:00

Thank you for this marvellous poem, Tom.

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Tom Doolan

Sat 15th May 2021 11:29

Hi J.D - It seems that most of the worlds indigenous people have been alienated and marginalised. Be they Inuit, Tucano, Aborigine to name a few. The future is in the hands of our children. Time alone will tell. T 🌍 🙏

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J.D. Bardo

Sat 15th May 2021 10:02

Tom, I admit that it was hard to hold back the tears, The Cherokee in me wants to go back to those years. (or forward) It is hard to believe that the Earth can sustain what man is doing to it. Would there be any way to have the best of both worlds?? Just a dream I guess... thank-you J.D.

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Tom Doolan

Sat 15th May 2021 08:27

Thanks for likes - John, Stephen & Ghazala 😊👍

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