So much to learn

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So much to learn

Tuesday,18th May 2021


Many things to learn

and to turn

the odd in favour

and lead peacefully with an honour


what is the value of living a life?

no one is expecting torn strife

life goes on

with unfamiliar situation arisen


people believed they are master

and can alter

the world order

but find themselves in disorder


life has become cheap

and worthless to keep

nature has shown what can be called "Oxygen"

before that, it was unknown to humans


we have amassed enough wealth

at the cost of a deterioration in health

rich can afford the luxury of spending wealth

poor only stand in line and wait for death


We had seen lines for ration

we had observed the queues in the railway platform

but never thought dead bodies may have to wait for burial

I brush off the thought and send it for dismissal


I have seen the past and present

I feel the future absent,

will ever the next generation know about nature?

I, for sure, can't answer


Dr Hasmukh Mehta



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