The gates are open 

Streams begin to flow 

All blocked emotions 

Now ready to grow 


Heart-wrenching story 

Takes on a new go 

Forgiveness given 

Forgiveness seeking 


Past was only paving 

A way for tomorrows 

It's all according to divine plan 

So let's celebrate today 


Forgive and forget 

Let's rejoice and see 

Now the locks opened 

Love unfreeze 


The air is filled with hellos 

A new beginning to follow 

I hope the directions sought 

Now togetherness thought 


Bring home what's yours 

Only belonging to you 

The laughter and smile 

A heart that thrives 


Unto thee O captain 

The lonely one relies 

Take hold of it again 

Steering safely always 


Once again the love flows 

Channels peacefully glows

 pronouncing thy name 

Would you hear and follow






◄ At the front

Heaven on earth ►


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