First sight


Your loveliness faded with the morning.

At first sight, this may seem strange. Why should it?

The daybreak, with its blaring rays of sun,

Perturbed, with its sudden glare, our idyll:

The twilight just before impatient dawn,

When your beauty had attained perfection.

Illumination disarranged the mix,

Removing the refinement of the dark.

Will we see again this rare conjunction?

Who knows? One day, surely. Until that time,

Your matchless daytime countenance holds sway;

A refugee from your pre-dawn display.

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 3rd Jun 2021 17:29

Many thanks for your kind comment, just_a_girl. It is very much appreciated.😀

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Wed 2nd Jun 2021 22:48

I really enjoy your poems, this one in particular. Thank you!

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Stephen Gospage

Sat 22nd May 2021 17:40

Thanks to Jordyn, Aviva, Holden and Your Royal Poetess for the likes.

Perhaps I should have called this 'First Light', as it seeks to capture (perhaps not altogether successfully) that strange time of semi-light and semi-darkness just before the dawn. Sunrise then disturbs what is briefly as perfect balance of light and dark.

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