nothing's certain anymore,

I dont know what matters,

confusion paints my head,

my inhibitions lie in tatters


I've found that special one

for whom I'd long yearned

to make up for those times

I'd had my fingers burned


always terrified of women,

felt they were over-sexed,

averse to the physical side,

passion left me perplexed


seemed safer to keep away,

I was not naturally amorous,

bed some deadly minefield,

somewhere very dangerous


my sex memories are scant,

just one or two fading snaps,

the love-life I left behind has

more than its share of gaps


so what's this latest trouble?

a late-life eruption of desire?

strange how life throws you,

sweetens what seemed dire


they took me to intensive care,

Ashley's voice and tender hand

got me through the bad nights,

took me to the promised land


taught me to let the past go,

dont be a negative thinker,

dont think twice about love,

take it, hook line and sinker


back on my feet at home, with

a world of hope I'm blessed,

is staff nurse Ashley my lover,

the man who saved my chest?


no, for tubes still beseige me,

at war in this morphine haze,

the angels helped me make

the best of these final days


angelsfinal daysintensive caremorphinesextubeswings

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Ghazala lari

Thu 6th May 2021 11:55

Give a go and explore💕

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jan oskar hansen

Thu 6th May 2021 11:17

well done a sweet poem

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