Cowboy Blues


The range is gone

the cows are too

now citified

our options few,

So what's a poor cowboy

supposed to do

when his job is gone

and the land is too


The ranch is gone

sold off for lots

developers came

then homes popped up,

Now all we see is

malls and shops

the pasture paved

with parking lots


There used to be beauty

far as the eye could see

campfires at night

the sunsets free,

Call of the wild

nature's majesty

now all that's gone

just a memory


Cowboys get broke

like horses do

end of the trail

his days are through,

The cows came home

weren't nothin' left

the West done died

it's called progress.



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M.C. Newberry

Sat 1st May 2021 15:55

The sad but true story of life in human terms when progress is
measured in profit's worth. Check author Bill Bryson's comments
about the activities of the US Park Service in his book "A Walk in the Woods". It provides dispiriting reading.
We know times pass and all things change
And, that, it seems, now includes the range!
The sound of the saw that sees an ancient tree fall
Precedes the cement mixer that builds another mall. 😠

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