Drenched in Duplicity

Drenched in Duplicity


Despair falls like the waters of a cataract on all humanity

in which life seems to offer very little certainty

With the best of intentions we struggle to survive

in a world in which few are able to thrive


Those who rule the roost of immense power

live divorced from reality in their Ivory Tower

To acquire power and wealth they deceive

all of us are required in them to believe


They live in luxury with money taken from the poor

who by lack of guile are susceptible to lure

Their duplicity is fed by well versed propoganda

leaving us with no option but to surrender


For these are those who hold the keys to hell

to ignore all the prophets who rang the warning bell

The day of reckoning is on the horizon

when they will drink the draught of their own poison


Politicians are an insidious and manipulative breed

we need to awaken from slumber and take heed

With oceans to the east and west

they have long since had of their best


Their duplicity is increasingly apparent

no longer will they have any power inherant

They say one thing and do the other

separating one brother from another


But the day will soon dawn

and the clarion bells will warn

The mighty from their thrones will fall

and the lost and forgotten will have their all

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Martin Elder

Mon 24th May 2021 21:44

there are some great lines here as always Keith. But that opening line is a cracker. It pulled me from the word go.
sadly what you say is so often true about politicians and the very nature of politics. Even those who seem to start off with the best intentions get sucked into the void of self obsession and greed.
well said
Thanks for posting this

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J.D. Bardo

Sun 23rd May 2021 12:12

Keith, Again a poem very well written. I like the choice of title, I will never fully understand the "Duplicity" or the "under the table dealings" of what is really going on within our governments. It is hard to follow the game, when we do not know what game they are playing. What is really going on?? I welcome all comments on the subject. Thank-you for this Keith, something needs to be said. Or even better done. But what?

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