At the front

There're battles continuously fought

 Armed soldiers kill the others not 

Shields and weaponry used 

Technologically new but few


A war between ideas plain

Commandments to keep

And sins to refrain

But the lower self complains


The soldiers are very well trained

Over the years carrying heaviest load

Strength and power all ingrained

The soul soldier fighting with mane


Rounds of battles been won and lost

Sometimes lower self gains an upper hand

Mostly it's the well disciplined alert soul that stands

Wearing the badges of success bravely fought and achieved


Until death this war will carry on

I won't let the baser self to be victorious ever

Till the last breath my soul shall fight all the battles

Either the lower self shall be disciplined or shall be killed


◄ Sound of love

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Tue 4th May 2021 09:55

This is an excellent and inspiring description of the fight for morality and self-control with conscious conscience and determination.

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