'Subterranean Homesick Blues' on Juke Box Jury

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BBC trying to get with the Sixties.

After it was played

compere David Jacobs

repeated the title in his

suave Light Programme voice

and only just the hint of a sneer.


The panel – people like

Eartha Kitt and Pete Murray –

looked at each other, trying

not to laugh. The last thing

they wanted was to seem square.

They had got the Beatles


and those other long-haired groups.

But this jangling clattering

concoction of words, like a box

of spanners being shaken? 

This was too much, would never

catch on. Jacobs pressed his buzzer.


It reached number nine.

And I’ve remembered

something else; a character

called Mr Jones was there.






◄ Happy birthday, Bob Dylan

Small earthquake in Chesham and Amersham ►


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Stephen Gospage

Wed 26th May 2021 17:42

Thanks, Greg. David Jacobs with 'just the hint of a sneer' brought it all back.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 24th May 2021 23:02

Right you are about JN - with the late lamented Brian Matthews as
I've still got my 45rpm disc of Like A Rolling Stone (June1965) and Rainy Day Women # 12 and 35 (March 1966 on Columbia Hall of Fame. .

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Greg Freeman

Mon 24th May 2021 20:55

Thanks Graham and Martin. The aim was to get a full collection out before I turned 70, and it looks like I will have managed it with a year to spare! I remember one occasion when all four Beatles were the jury panel. Not sure if the Stones did it as well. If so, they would have had to find an extra seat.

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Martin Elder

Mon 24th May 2021 20:50

What memories . Is it a hit or a miss Jury? is the catch phrase I remember. I think some of the male panel were even still wearing dinner jackets.
Nice one Greg

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Graham Sherwood

Mon 24th May 2021 16:35

Good to hear you've got another book coming out Greg!

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Greg Freeman

Mon 24th May 2021 15:11

I think Janice was on the rival channel, Thank Your Lucky Stars, MC. As for attitudes towards the police, then and now, I couldn't possibly comment. Good to think you bought at least one Dylan LP. That girl was Suzie Rotolo, aka the Girl from the North Country.

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M.C. Newberry

Mon 24th May 2021 13:23

Not forgetting Janice and her "O'il give it foive". And the competition
on the other channel from Jack Good's prog.! I bought my one Bob
Dylan LP (that one of him and that girl clutching his arm on a
windy New York street - title: "Blowin; In The Wind" as I recall) and liked the odd nasally track - very much of the time and the surging
concerns of the rising alternate culture from the likes of Greenwich
Village et al Ah..the early Sixties....when I was walking a dockland
beat and knew about depressed areas and disillusionment first hand.
and the attitude that told us "All copper are bastards". Those were
the days, my friend...as the words of a certain song reminds us. 😉

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Greg Freeman

Mon 24th May 2021 12:00

Another Bob Dylan poem, on his actual 80th birthday. This was first published in The Frogmore Papers a couple of months ago. It will also be in my forthcoming collection Marples Must Go!, to be published by Dempsey & Windle's Vole Books later this year

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