The Accidental Best Friend

She came into my life,  when the loneliness was so bad

I felt as if I could end it all swiftly,  with a kitchen knife

While in a frame of mind best described as desperately sad

In which I had given up on the friendliness of mankind

And empty socializing,  enough of,  I have had

So... I took phone in hand 

And called the shadiest "Hook-up" Dating line. To take a stand

And find the girl of my dreams,  to keep me from going mad

I scanned through all the adds,  listening for the one telling a true tale

I fell for the one and only Lady that sounded so fine

Her sexy and demanding voice,  put the facts right on the line

And said, "A friend is what I need" sex can wait

That says to me,  that sex is a possibility

So I left a response in her voice mail

Days went by,  and eventually she sent a text

And I was startled to find out what happened next

I soon found after days of communication

That we have one thing strongly in relation

A friend is all we need,  and that should always be first

Then maybe lusting for sex,  will become wanting to share love

And sharing love will quench my sexual thirst

Now,  I am happy we started as friends in the lead

And a friend in her is what I have found indeed

Also,  I found in this true friend,  that is all that I really need

And I feel a love for her growing already

Like having planted a seed


By. J.D. Bardo






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keith jeffries

Wed 5th May 2021 00:04

A gentle poem which takes the reader from a desperate situation to the fruition of friendship and love. It places love above sex which is the order where these emotions should be. It is a poem of transformation and personal healing found within the hearts of two people are are honest with each other.
Thank you for this


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