The Modern Myth

No-one's happy with their life.
Someone, somewhere, was telling you stories.
No-one's happy.
If you are lucky, you'll do alright.
If you are lucky.

There's a way to be.
There's a way to cope.
Where's the God that's supposed to help us?
Where's the love that's meant to guide us?
Where's the hope?

No-one's meant to have it easy.
Someone, somewhere, must have been crazy!
Nothing's easy.
If you're careful, you might survive.
You might.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Fri 21st May 2021 21:58

Thankyou for commenting Stephen ? I don't think everyone can have fun at the same time, but we could all be happy at the same time if we would just be genuinely happy for everyone else as well. Problem is not everyone who knows this acts accordingly and most people don't even know this.

Thanks also to those who have clicked 'Like' for this poem ?

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Stephen Gospage

Fri 21st May 2021 16:56

I suppose that, like political careers, all lives end in failure. Snatch happiness while you can. Perhaps the modern myth is that everyone can have fun at the same time. (They can't, can they?).

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