He got his brother's phone call while wiping a cabinet.
His eyes went side to side --like a cartoon character
having a conniption. Even though there was an inkling
of a nose-dive, the mind plays tricks thinking maybe;
a rally could plant the feet on terra firma again.

There was too much to express without ample time.
Junior had rehearsed the denouement until fluent, but
forty miles and his Mazda 626 needed a miracle; jetting
90 mph weaving and ducking as one possessed might
reach there ahead of the last exhale and lifting sheet.

He turned into the valet entrance near the sliding glass.
His brother stood there expressionless, the color of slate.
He bounded out and up through the doors and asked his
brother, "Am I in time?" --the answer was like a chest stab;
"--He passed 15 minutes ago."  Junior had missed Senior.



missed opportunitiessay it now

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Brian Hodgkinson

Tue 4th May 2021 16:36

Thank you, Stephan. Though the theme has a sad side, I did not intend it to be sad hence the title. Thank you for encouraging me to write poetry. 👍

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Brian Hodgkinson

Tue 4th May 2021 16:31

Thank you, Aviva, for your word of encouragement.💪

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Stephen Gospage

Tue 4th May 2021 16:15

A fine poem, enjoyable despite its sadness.

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Aviva Rifka Bhandari

Tue 4th May 2021 09:44

Although you weren't able to share a last goodbye or tell each other final messages of support, you are still doing all he could have wanted from you, remembering him well.

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