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There's an urgent need to include a detailed chapter on personal hygiene. Not only on Corona virus but there are host of other diseases that are contagious and deadly. We need to educate not only the children but young, adult and old about these diseases, their real picture, the precautions to be taken and the therapy. 

A healthy life style built on healthy eating and exercising isn't enough. We need to train everyone the social ethic of a healthy community living. We need to show the serious picture of the dangers looming upon us and how they can be avoided by smart living. There's an urgent need for building smart cities, smart societies and smart individuals. Not every work can be done by the machines and gadgets. There're many we have to do manually. Although technology plays a great role in our life making it easier, safer and smarter but we need to know the correct use of these gadgets in our everyday life.

Doctors are giving their individual advise based on knowledge of medicine and there are many individuals advising home remidies as well as common sense rules. But this isn't what we need and require. We need a well devised strategy to combat this growing problem that has invaded each and every individuals physical and mental well being.

We don't only need to manufacture masks and santizers at large scale but we need to educate every individual about the use, misuse and over use of such items. Simply using a mask can't save us from contagious diseases rather appropriate way of using these can help save lives. There are many who are inviting ill-health with incorrect use of these so called life saving products. Who is to be blamed for forcing these products on individuals without educating them about its hazardous effects if incorrectly used or disposed. A few advertisements on television, mobile quick speak ringtone messages or a simple advertisement in newspaper can not do the job. What we need is an expert advise after careful study and systematic description of each aspect of such products and many like these. 

We are suddenly exposed to an environment lacking in safe breathing spaces and proper community living. The life style is completely changed and we need to live according to this new way of life. Being ignorant about the dangers and being misinformed about the safety measures can have damaging effects. The short term effects can be dealt with immediately after implementation of an expert mitigation program but the long term effects have to be dealt with in a systematically planned way. For the mitigation of both short term and long term mitigation planning a think pool should be established by the concerned agencies. 

Together with advertisements on television, internet, newspaper and magazines we immediately need to include it in our educational curriculum. For which the education agencies need to format the content according to different age groups and without omitting the essentials. A simple diagram, picture reading or easy to understand language can be used to educate nursery children. It's a worldwide urgent need. If neglected we could have irreparable losses to face. These changes should be immediately made in the curriculum and also should be made a mandatory part of the syllabus. 


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