I have merry memories of many a kind

About them with much bliss,  I reminisce

And play with them today

Like movies in my mind

Now,  this is all I have to do

And,  what has happened to me may happen to you

Old age,  with poor health,  but mostly lack of wealth

Has me in a modest home,  confined

So,  I find myself in a bind,  life has left me behind

My past choices and decisions

Is how this outcome got designed

I know this,  the facts I cannot dismiss

I can see how this all came to me

It plays like movies in my mind

Fortunately,  I have a multitude of memories to watch

For the ones that I want to see again,  I can rewind

And about today?? Well,  it is just one of tomorrows memories

Like movies in my mind


By. J.D. Bardo


The Rocky Road to Ruin ►


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keith jeffries

Tue 25th May 2021 11:38

This phenomenon is the past time of those of us who have entered the twilight years of life. A time for reflection when the mind becomes our personal cinema or You Tube whereby we can re live those times of joy and sadness in complete privacy. This poem is exceptional in a number of ways as it articulates what many know and enjoy but I have never seen described in poetic form. The use of rhyme in one line as opposed to using the end of lines is an innovation which has a charm of its own. A poem well crafted and succinctly presented.

Thank you for this

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