Another Condition

Another Condition


With the white ring of confidence

around his neck

With a dog collar dressed

in a black suit

He said that homosexuality 

was a condition

High blood pressure is a condition

Alopecia is a condition

Psoriasis is a condition

Water retention is a condition

Tinitus is a condition

According to the man in a dog collar

I have a condition

My condition is being homosexual

The voice of ignorance fans the 

fires of prejudice

The voice of prejudice invariably is a

hetrosexual in a position of authority

I am condemned by my condition

It is an abomination

Does the voice of moral authority have a cure?

Is there a therapy of conversion available?

Authority is the majority

the moral majority

My condition does not respond

to treatment

I am incurable

The voice of authority has spoken

I am not like other men

singled out to stand alone

to ridicule

But I do so with my head lifted high

You only have to be different

to be condemned by the

Authority of man


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Your Royal Poetess

Fri 21st May 2021 14:49

Lovely poem, it is not a condition at all, I wish people wouldn’t have such warped views on homosexuality. I hope one day love overcomes prejudice!

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M.C. Newberry

Thu 6th May 2021 19:33

In a sense, anything affecting the state of being is a condition. But
to be selective and discuss ANY in the pejorative sense is just reprehensible when there is no detrimental effect on any OTHER state of being. Indeed, it would show itself as a form of prejudice,
not least because there would be no likelihood of any sort of benefit
in any direction.

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J.D. Bardo

Wed 5th May 2021 15:32

If homosexuality is a condition, well it is spreading like wildfire with more and more celebrities, or famous people coming out of the closet every day. A condition afflicting more than 10% of our population that we know of statistically. (how many more are hiding their condition?). I am not afraid of catching this condition, I have had numerous intimate relations with men suffering from this condition, AND I AM FINE!!!
Thanks Keith, J.D.

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