Beautiful journey

I'm on a journey with my Rabb

He carries me lovingly where he please

I've submitted my life with ease

In His loving care and in peace


This life is only a gift by almighty

A soul draped with a beautiful body

Only Allah knows best what's good for me

With this faith I embark this life's ship confidently


Only my Allah can heal what I broke within me

Only He has powers to wash away my sins

And purify my heart soul and nafs for me

And I know if He pleases, He will do it beautifully for me


I look towards an eternal life of purity and peace

My anchor and captain knows where he is heading me

With patience I sit praying away my tension, anxiety and worries

For I know a beautifully promised destination awaits at the end of this journey


The sail is smooth with few bumps and jerks

My Rabb takes extreme care on such tides, twists and turns

He knows where he is taking me,

To meet whom he wants me to meet




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