Article 2: Dreams

There're many who are silently suffering due to this sudden change that has hit the world. This suffering isn't due to another human assaults rather it's because of the pain one is suffering due to broken dreams. The challenge today isn't about keeping those dreams alive but the challenge is to keep your soul alive. This pandemic is just a phase, it may stay a year or many more but it too shall pass. But don't just sit back waiting for it to pass because with it this precious time and life of ours will also pass.

We should be proactive in dealing with our situation. It's been an year now that we have survived this dangerous situation and by will of God managed to survive. Now is the time to get up and make the required changes that's important for our life ahead. We need to set our day to day priorities and try to achieve these.

Dream new, dream real. We should not give up dreaming. With this changed situation our dreams also need to be changed. While in non pandemic days our dreams had a different version now they can be according to what times we are facing. The real challenge today is not only to dream but to dream big and achieve these. With mounting pressures at all ends from jobs to home our life has been completely shaken. With this we are awake to the newer needs or urgency.

I somehow feel like a heroine of a science fiction movie. With all these biological bombs being dropped all around I'm trying to find a way to safer shores. All by myself fighting these battles of survival. It's scary and thrilling. A simple grocery store ride is like fighting zombies and reaching back home safely. Wearing our own dress is like armouring ourselves with outfits that least expose our body to viruses. Sanitisers have become our new weapon in our pockets, purses, cars, infact everywhere. Masks makes me feel like a ninja going for a secret mission to kill the enemies. At times I feel grateful to have lived in such times as these because I can live the real science fiction thrill and experience all those once seen challenges in movies. It's tiring but who said it won't be, I remember the faces of the actors in those zombie movies who ran as fast as they could to escape death. Sounds thrilling, it even felt thrilling while watching those movies but it's altogether a monotonous experience to live this daily. But this is it, whether you succumb to it or live through it, the choice is yours and I opted to feel like a heroine of a sci-fi movie to live each breath enjoying it.

We can always dream anew. New dreams to see, new plans, new targets those that are realistic. Ones that can be achieved successfully in today's time. Whether they require hard work or extra efforts, it shouldn't matter. Unless we have dreams to achieve, our life will become meaningless and we would live each day awaiting a miracle of covid free world which isn't going to happen any soon. So why waste our precious time and life awaiting the impossible. 

Dream realistic dreams. Have short term flexibily achieving targets and get going.

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