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The Withered Vine



I watch her slowly

 fall from grace

Her body still

Her mind displaced

New memories 

no longer stay

they simply  


drift  a w    a         y

Like a mist around

a mountain old

that dissipates

as the dawn unfolds

She's there in body

but sparse of mind

Sometimes it's hard

to seek, and find

The vibrant woman

she used to be

The brightest bloom

of our family

has withered frail

Her petals shed

to drift away

like words unsaid


I remember you holding

my hand, so small

And running through

the grass, so tall

Towards the horizon:

A magical land!

Where time was a colourful

shifting sand

That paid no heed

to life or death

It simply lived

for every breath

And everyone

who made it there

Soared like birds

into the air

And weaved a rainbow

for all to see

So loved ones knew

 they, now, were free.


We never could make it

to that horizon far 

So I wish upon

the brightest star

When all around you

start to fade

You return to the place

where we once played

And there you'll reach

that magical land 

To weave your rainbow

in the colourful sand



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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 2nd Jun 2021 19:47

Thank you K.J. sorry to hear about your Mother. It's an awful thing to witness. And, we seem to hear more & more of it these days, although, perhaps it's always been there, but was just referred to as 'old age'
Anyway Thanks!

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kJ Walker

Wed 2nd Jun 2021 07:33

I really like this one.
My mother has Alzheimer's, and it could well have been written about her.

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Stephen Atkinson

Fri 28th May 2021 10:09

Thank you for your comment Stephen G, appreciated as always

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Stephen Gospage

Thu 27th May 2021 18:08

A wonderful poem. Really good.

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Stephen Atkinson

Thu 27th May 2021 13:16

Thank you for the Likes phillipos, Julie, John M, Aviva, J.D. Holden & Greg. Quite a hard one to write, for obvious reasons. A terrible disease that strips you of your memories & personality

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Stephen Atkinson

Wed 26th May 2021 22:44

Thank you P. & John C & John M for your much appreciated & inspiring comments, and Julie your poetry will never be inferior! ?? Thanks again

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John Marks

Wed 26th May 2021 20:00

Such a heart felt poem and so well put together. It really touched my heart. Well-penned Stephen.

Where time was a colourful

shifting sand

That paid no heed

to life or death

It simply lived

for every breath

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julie callaghan

Wed 26th May 2021 19:10

Just beautiful ?? Thank you. I was going to post today’s write but mine feels so inferior after reading this.

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John Coopey

Wed 26th May 2021 18:49

Beautiful, Stephen. The best thing I’ve read on here for a long time.


Wed 26th May 2021 18:32

Clever use of language and pace of revelation.

Enjoyed, (if one can be entertained by such sadness).

P ?

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