Parent exiled

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Parent exiled

Wednesday,5th May 2021


Oh! God, give me strength

to go at some reasonable strength

and bring back my parent

who is not with me at present


I sincerely regret

the decision to let them

prefer an exit door

that was resented even by the neighbours


i was blinded by material possession

that made me mad with an obsession

the shining of wealth made me a little arrogant

and it presented an insult


parent left home in disgust

with no curse and trusted

the destiny set by an almighty

this pinched me heavily


today I repent and burn with an apology

i want to bring them back as early as possible

life is worthless if we make parent suffer

their curses shall make us in a pitiable condition later


if heaven ever exists on earth

that lies on the feet of the parent

if you earn blessings

there shall be no missing of any worldly pleasures


Dr Hasmukh Mehta



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