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Something isn’t right

I no longer have this feeling that I need to hide


I should feel delighted 

But instead all I am is frightened 


The thought of it not being beside me

Makes me feel like there’s nothing left inside me.

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I want it to be over

The voices in my head 

Telling me to end it

And let go of everything I’ve dreamt


I want it to be over

The feeling that I’ve dread

The endless loop to stop

I don’t want to be afraid


I want it to be over

I want to start again 

This time no voices 

This time I’ll put an end.

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Sunlight on your skin

Teardrops in your eyes

Reaching down your chin

Hearing out your cries

Tearing me apart

Knowing I’m the reason

For your aching heart

And all I did was offer you a treason.

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guilt sad


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I found a way 


To redeem myself if I may


Followed by sorrow


Headed to nowhere only to follow


Hoping all this erases the pain


Knowing all this is for nothing and all is in vain.

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