Beautiful life ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Life is precious

So is time

Whether it's yours

Or its mine


Think of a mission

Not a silly dream

Logical steps laid

Shall help these achieve 


Aim for the stars

You may touch the sky

Be realistic in approach

Never ever fear


Goals are laid

Over the table of destiny

Now the blueprint spreads

To show you the way


Step by step

We climb

Gaining success

Confidently inclined


Never underestimate 

Your power and might

Always do What

Your heart feels right 


Never give up on life

For a dumb reason or rhyme 

Never waste precious moments

In fantasies and fairytale


Keep moving ahead

Never look behind

What's done and bunged

Was unmistakenly destined


Let your heart shine

Hardheartedness or soft

Both are gullible

Stay balanced, live divine

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Advaita Singh

Wed 12th May 2021 06:59

💖😍lovely poem😄❤

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