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You want motivate to get out of bed 
You can't find in it yourself 
You'er a slave to your daily rituals 
But they're not going to help you find happiness
We got happiness and being comfortable mixed up

So smile and tell yourself that you're all okay
While you're drowning in the rain
Home is a place that keep's us locked
Into a comfortable loop that never ends

So if this is coping 

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the smell of snow

entry picture

The smell of snow


Today snow covered the ground

In the town

Where I live

No kids

Were out in the open

Building snowmen

That image from the telly

Of rosy cheeked cherubs in wellies

And vibrant wooly hats and gloves

That marketing men so love.

Sadly I knew they would be alone

At home

Building virtual snow creatures

On their mobile phones.

My heart is...

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Also by eve nortley:

tonight | Earth thoughts | come down to the beach | they came | asylum seeker | spring | fatal attraction | size matters | the snow |

I spent my life

entry picture


I still yearn for her while she spreads her dark fragrance in the place. She does not weary from caressing my lips in the morning and evening. My mistress in my loneliness and my geniality. I have known her since I was a child, playing with my fingers and sleeping after I close my eyes first.

I wonder if she would remember me after I leave this life. Would she be with her period of mutual ...

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Distance lends / Enchantment to the view*

Roll up

Join the tour


Look around

There’s a Shard n’ the London Eye


Weeping and saw it all

The laundry never shuts down


Sprouting chrome and glass

Soaring drone over the underpass


Too Many Mr Bigs from here & there

Too big individually to take on


Watching Games of Thrones

Sword fights in the street


Young boy died of stab wounds


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Offensive words

entry picture

You were the oasis of my life, my refuge, my identity and my words .. Shrapnel of your words are still in my body. It was shaken me from the vein to the vein and I do not know how I vocalise my time after that .. You hid my life forever ..

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A Visit To Graveyard

entry picture

On Thursday evening
I pray near a Grave in Kashmir
Incense sticks
And candles
Lit in bundles
Aroma makes me feel
As I kneel

This is land of my forefathers
Where they rest
I too look for a place nearest
I belong to these graves
Here my soul craves
To sleep till eternity
In the Eden of divinity
What else I should ask
That has more dignity

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Also by Mirza Sharafat Hussain Beigh:

Rainfall Tonight |

aromadiginitydivineedenforefathersgraveyardkashmirlandmirza sharafatplacerestzadibal

Fairy Cakes, Butterflies and High Tea

Part one: Afternoon Tea
Sandwiches, scones and butterfly cakes
adorning lily white, fringed table cloths Matching gloved hands
giving silver service
Waitresses in linen aprons
and frilly hats
that cover locks
of unkempt hair.
Tea rooms steaming
The aroma’s from rich brews
of Indian, Darjeeling , Earl Grey
and mint teas
permeate through both floors
Crammed with aristocracy 

Genuine ...

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Also by Rick Varden:

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We tread carefully with the mere thought of getting it so dreadfully wrong, one may ask what ‘it’ is?. Is ‘it’ the walk of life?, the work we do and the love we hold so dear?, is ‘it’ that everything we cherish could so easily turn to dust with our fear, a nightmare beyond proportion fighting for survival, striving for success then at the stroke of achievement like a wonderous ice sculpture the we...

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Ten Old Farts

Ten middle aged tennis players have an evening out at Worcs T20 cricket. There was initially some confusion over the meeting point.


We arranged to meet at the Diglis Bar

But the Diglis Bar doesn’t exist

So we stood at a bar at the Diglis end

Ten old farts half-pissed


We stood there swapping stories

Of dodgy knees, elbows and wrists

And complained about the price of b...

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Special Girl

she has her own special way

of turning around my day

she makes all the bad things go away

the second she says hey.


when i look into her eyes

i see beauty with no disguise

just looking at her makes my heart beat rise

sweets i am telling no lies.


only if she ever knew

how much my love for her is true

now is the time to start something new

before all of this...

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Life is like a bowl of cherries

with plenty of pits

if you are void of purpose

Sadness can be looming

then suddenly a project only you can do

comes into your day

Purpose to the rescue...



can't live with em

can't live without em

Humans can be a real pain

but they can stop the rain

from falling on your head

Make you happy

you are not dead


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Also by lynn hahn:






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Also by J:

Gone to seed |

let go of old wounds

everything i owe is to you whats a girl to do

torn between a picture of two look me in the eyes youd never have a clue

the memories are shaky images of blue its been months still the hurt feels new

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Also by Youthfullyxx:

we are golden | no more looking back |


I watched a Ted Talk the other night. The speaker was the mother of Dylan Klebold, one of the columbine killers. It struck me that it must have taken a lot of courage to do this thing and gave me an insight into how it also affects the parents of killers such as this. I wrote this...


With quaking voice the woman stood
in front of a thousand strong crowd
and s...

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Also by Marc Hawkins:




Shut up

We're making money


Everyone's dead

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Also by Robert C Gaulke:

I just came back from | Tribulations | Over my shoulder | Your Hair | Cautionary Heads | That weird year | Role Again | Summer of Thinking Too Much | Pretty Man |

praising all but the final inescapability

I thought determinedly

no more shall I contribute words

to romance, birds, or loneliness

or the breath taking displays

of sky reaching mountains.


Contented, no sooner do I sit on my laurels

than the bombardment

of brand new revelations begins


wonderfully irritated by excitement

I write and write and write

-about what?

about romance, and birds, and lonelin...

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Bootleg Beckham's | 3D effect | looking forward to backtracking | blundering through a disused cemetery | older the driver the longer the journey the whiter the knuckles | Celtic messenger | mentally arresting the ages awhile | for the lovers of pessimism |

Woulda - Shoulda - Coulda

I know

I woulda - shoulda - coulda - done better

Could of been a better man to you

Oh baby, for this I am sorry - sad but true

But you know as I know - as everyone else knows

You - shoulda - coulda done better by me too

And if you woulda - I just might have been a better man for you



We both shoulda known better

And yes

We both woulda - shoulda - coulda done be...

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Also by 220August:

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Love lostPoem

The Veteran

Hey Ho! Hey Ho!

It's off to war we go

with flags a flying

no thought of dying

our country's might

we have to show.


So go! So go!

Keeping the peace, we know

our soldiers willing

to reduce the killing

our aim not to fight

but restore the light.


How so? How so?

We've come to free them,no?

Why call us lying

and watch us frying

smiling when huma...

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Also by Jennifer Malden:

Casualty |


To illustrate how futile, yet alluring, Facebook can be to many.....


How do I know my cousin’s daughter’s boyfriend loves Tex-Mex?

Because he tells us via Facebook that he’s spilled some on his kecks

He’s checked-in from Chiquito’s – just passed his driving test

He’s with his best pal, big daft Al, who’s had a tattoo on his chest.


These days my head gets filled with...

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Curtain Call.

I only write when I'm sad
Cause I use my words to cope.
So what am I supposed to say
When I feel the slightest bit of hope?

Love poems and positive thoughts?
I've tried that but it's all been said
I start writing and all I can think about
Is the times I wanted a bullet in my head.

Pretty typical stanza coming from me
Everything I write is basically the same
Oh no, I broke down the fourth...

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curtain callGoodbyethank you


Here I am again.

Lost in the same world of limbo that I always get trapped in,

Oceans of mystery below me,

Plants growing underneath me,

Stars shooting above me,

I have been stuck in this oblivion for what has seems like decades,

Ideas and thoughts looping around and around inside this tiny head of mine,

Nothing seems realistic anymore yet it does not feel like a fantasy eithe...

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Also by Little Ghost Queen:

(untitled) |


Fig Tree

in summer
we sit in the branches

picking leaves
from the strands
of our hair
we break the stems
and touch
the bleeding tips
to our tongues

the fruit falls

aging in the soft
shoulder of the ground

flies gather
eating life
before the ending day

summer fails
and fails again

new grass
crowded against
the wooden fence

my mother
kills the fig tre...

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cult (02/25/2018)

Dianetics :
fake sweeteners' faith for diabetics
saccharine and hollow 
following and tumbling after 
brave men to eat a labyrinth 
sold cardboard insurance disasters

gun-running is in my blood 
but I've never sold with a smile
ravenous as a cult following
leaden-mired and wallowing
for the right to wear hearts
beared on sleeves
and my departed leave none bereaved

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Also by Zach Dafoe:

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guns don't kill people

as good as they come if not better ( for Jemima )

she only has to say a few words

but they have the power

to bring a mountain down


or one final larger than life touch

of pen to paper

and the little story sets off down the runway

on colossal journeys.


At time she exceeds herself.

When looking for perfection

she can lift a tiny stone

and find the whole of heaven beneath it


and after demolishing

a u...

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Also by Rose Casserley:

womb passenger | and still he gets in loves way | Syrian woman defying violations of home | being true to the real world | how heavy the loss | hyped up hypocrites | the ignoring of J.C.Clarke | in deep grass |


entry picture

Its all starting to click, So fast so quick. The clarity of it makes me think its a trick, Lights me up as though its a matchstick. I see it tick, I feel it kick, and am left with confusion so thick its a brick, and hope it will all end with a wrist flick.

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Also by Nyanjiru Wambugu:


A Manc's A Man (Fer All That)

entry picture


A Manc’s A Man Fer All That


Around ar way by night or day

down cobbled crofts an all that,

On chavenues or scallyways

we dare to roam fer all that,

You’re ten men an big chat,

but you know nowt fer all that,

So close yer mouth an use yer ead,

a Manc’s a man fer all that.


We like ar chips not fancy dips

or posh cuisine an all that,

We eat ar scran fro...

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Warhawk and Nate

Warhawk and Nate
The Warhawks took off and flew upwards
Like angry hornets looking for trouble
Covering the frail old biplane
A flying camera with brave crew
Tasked to look for enemy locations
Flying here and there warlanes they were
American flown Curtiss fighters
Guarding the Filipino crewed Stearman
On a mission of war in the second global war
The Japs were ready and scrambled planes

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I stopped to blink 
And saw your beautiful face
There in the rainbow
Holding the light at bay
Creating a startling array of colours
That could only have been seen
At the dawn of the universe.
You moved to deflect the reflection
And caught a ray of sunshine
In your smile
I could only look on and wonder
At this sight of an angel.

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Also by Jon Stainsby:

Angels and Monsters | Autumn leaves through the front door |


Listen up son:
i've known cash, folding

the sluttiness of it,

how persuasive it can be.


Dirty, used notes

no truck with morality.


Once or twice cash has come easy

in plenty,

lifted me up, then brought me down. 


Those days are over,

lost with Securicor vans,

balaclava raids, sawn - offs.


Lost to an artificial world

of numbers crunched on scre...

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Also by ray pool:


Universal language

Love speaks to everybody
It's a universal language 
It connects us all over the world 
We use it to speak globally 
Everyone has felt love 
And everyone will feel it 
It's what connects us humans 
And stops us walking alone 
Love can crush the world 
And lift it back up again

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Also by Alonelymouse:

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Far Away In My Living Room When We Have Real 3d Television

far away in my living room
when we have real 3d television
will starving huddled children 
project on our carpet
will they baffle pets
realistic in every way
until you run to the kitchen
to try to feed the visitors..

i will stand there 
perhaps walk around them
in the middle of my living room
cup of tea in my hand
with magical goggles i will be able to reach
and touch them all
the gl...

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Also by Suki Spangles:

Crimewatch Verses Spartacus ~ Blame Russia |

sci-fi poetryTV news

The Drum/John Scott/Translation In Amharic/Alem Hailu/ያስጠላኛል ያ ቀፋፊ ድምፅ የታምቡሩ(ለመዝሙር የታሰበ ግጥም)/ጆን ስኮት

I hate that drum's discordant sound,
Parading round, and round, and round:
To thoughtless youth it pleasure yields,
And lures from cities and from fields,
To sell their liberty for charms
Of tawdry lace, and glittering arms;
And when Ambition's voice commands,
To march, and fight, and fall, in foreign lands.

I hate that drum's discordant sound,
Parading round, and round, and round:
To me...

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Also by Alem Hailu G/Kristos:

The sky is the limit |

first world warWar poetry


Feel the flowers grow

The sun upon your skin

The stars that kiss you softly 

The earth beneath you spin


Taste the sweet of happiness

 the joy within your win 

the bittersweet of victory

the sickly sweet of sin


Be proud of all your medals

Be proud of what you did

For you survived tragedy 

When you were just a kid


Feel the river flow

The rain upo...

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Also by Natalie Rupik:

sorry | damaged goods |

Your back

The way you look at me

It’s like a spell

I'm scared

I want to cry because it feels genuinely real

My mind 

is it playing with me

My heart is strong saying no way

Why won't I let you love me

I'm scared to let you get close to me

As you open me 

Squeeze me

You hold me close like you never want me to leave

When I stare back 

But not for long 

Because you will...

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Also by sasha:

Move on New Year | 30 | Direction | Three Words | Christmas | Seasoned | Dance Honesty | Naturel Love | Grapes | Chess | Surprise | Bar | Distance | Two | Snow | Message | Dream write | Tornado | Jail | Blue moon |

Red Pearl

Red Pearl


You are such a beautiful woman and I spent my life trying to find you

as I look at the waters of the beach, so beautiful and so sparkling blue

but in the water, I see something shining and I see it staring at me

I must go get it, before it is too late

the wind is perfect and it is such a perfect day


I see it and I swam for it and I saw millions of diamonds


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Also by Gerald Morgan:

(untitled) |

affectionbeach thoughtslovelove passionpoetry


Serenity Slope, Saint Sebastian

Sunday; summer solstice ’77

Second Spire

Suite 17; 66th Storey.

She’s still sleeping…

Spontaneously swooping songbirds, serenading sacred seascapes, sing sentimental songs sailing swiftly southward.

“Stop staring,” she says sleepily, shyly smiling. Somehow staring seems so surreal since seeing Sarah; seems so somatically subsistent. So smitten, so ...

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Also by Jake Vincent Belmont:

Rats in the Courtyard | Once |


A valuable gift,

An emotional curse,

Seeing past the illusion,

Stuck with the truth


Ugly at times,

But you know it’s for the better,

In a world of pretenders,

There’s only a few authentic left 


A loving heart,

Unable to be free,

God forbid you love a fraud,

Imagine you’re 6 feet deep 


The mind and the heart are at odds,

HOW can they reconcile?


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Also by Gabrielle Renee':

Passion Ablaze | Virus in the Motherboard | Warrior | Whispers |

judgmentMirrorreflectiontrusting your choices

Southport line III – 1969 (Blackberry Way, A Clockwork Orange, peril and the driver’s face)

entry picture

i hadn’t yet read A Clockwork Orange in ‘69

but i was 15 and the same age as Alex

and my ‘Blackberry Way’

was about to become

Alex’s 5th and 9th


i hadn’t yet been introduced to Alex’s classics

but i’d become obsessed with Beat Music

and in early nineteen-sixty-nine

The Move’s Blackberry Way

topped the UK charts


i hadn’t any of Alex’s psychopathic penchants


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Also by J R Harris:

Southport Line II – the 60s (last days of steam) | Southport Line I – mid 50s to early 60s (childhood) | Lord and Sharman shoe factory; Pemberton |


i do Stretches on the wall

to keep my adult posture

from returning to a crawl

as i’m put out to pasture

i’m learning from Life what is free

plus At minus has the pure

like the Winds may teach the tree

Gusts test if footing is sure

and Breezes cool all the leave’s

Cross to bear of us with fur

not just the one who believes

We have in our mind the cure

i just can’t...

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Human condition

Skeletal remains of burnt and blackened trees hiss by the open window, down to cool the wet air heavy and thick with humidity. Plumes of red powdery dust explode from tyres pounding the rough dirt road, snaking through hills older than time itself, unable to tell stories of an age long forgotten, just black and silent, giant and ominous against the eery blue sky, marked with inky clouds sprawling ...

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Dark light philosophy

miss you

These eyes cry a thousand times, without a wipe to my face

My heart beats with a skip in it, knowing your out there without me

My body gets weak when I'm thinking of you, that's why it's hard to lift myself up

I'm nothing, nobody, lost, scared, blind without you

I miss you so much

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Also by Ruben:

free fall | her | her |

Running high.

There's a time,  

Between the night and the day 

When my heart pounds,  

I must try to take a step, 

For in seeing you 

I see myself, 

There are Rainbows ahead, 

Vultures circle, 

But your words give me strength 

To fight this fight, 

I am not alone, 

I have my soul family with me 

and my heritage is the reason, 

Their are words in me, 

Fellow poets and ar...

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Also by Nicola Byrnes:

Critics | For you | Let it be | For all that is | Nobody |


Open your mouth
Ill spoon feed you soil
So you can taste
All the shit that comes out of you

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Also by frey:

Poisoned | We're on a break | Break to build | Standing at the cliff's edge | Sunrise | My mother, a purist | Pain in the ass | here | 12am |




You may go and I’ll watch with a heavy heart 

As I see you turn from where we were at the start 


I’ll be stood in this place where we were once stood close

Where our lips pressed together, where I held on to your clothes


I’ll remember the feel of the skin against mine 

Your breath in my ear , in my mind I’ve developed a shrine 


Is that alright for you?...

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Also by Ria Richardson:

Lips Lock | Gone |

More than the eye can see

More than the eye can see


Everything we desire is transitory

we grasp it and it slips away

Nothing is really permanent

not even ourselves


We chase our tails

like playful dogs

We follow the fashions of the day

which lead nowhere


We build only to witness decay

we love but only for a season

The rains often torrential

soon give way to aridity



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Also by keith jeffries:

Three Score Years & Ten |



Regardless of shape or size

each bodily replacement

cut and manipulated to fit

where the previous same

succumbed to the elements;

victimised by outside forces.


This automotive vintage child

born to the Father of motoring's great age

despite its wounds

still able to beg for the road.


Each renewed part a twinned reincarnation

even down to the tiniest o...

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Also by Jemima Jones:

my puerile years | Mentor | Death throes and diversions |

The Gardner

I woke from a dream

in which I was playing in the garden

I walked from bed to bed 

and buried my hands in the earth


The sun bestowed its warmth on me

and the trees some patchy shade

and in my little heaven

I let the plants guide my way


Speaking in the language of livng things

they told me what they needed 

Safety, security

gentle touch, and nourishment


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Also by Alexandra Rockwell Lorenz:

The World and the Word | Dear Temple University | Yo Ho, Yo Ho |


entry picture

(And Who Forced Them To Get On It?)


“Come join me on my casting couch; come sit by me, m’dear;

I’m really quite avuncular; there’s nothing you need fear”.


“Oh, please sir, I remain unsure; I fear that isn’t so.

My mother always cautioned me, ‘The casting couch? Say No!’”


"You have no need to think I’ll hurt or harm you. Lordy Lord!

It’s just a game of dice we’ll pl...

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Also by John Coopey:

It's for The Gun we speak | t'Monkey - Deliverance Meets Kes | THE SAGA CRUISE | LOVELIER | THE GODS OF COMEDY | HEY THERE VAGINA | JUST ONE TOUCH |

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