The Last One

today we had a talk

and it seemed so long and higher than a hawk

it came crashing down so fast

i think my ode to you would be the last. 


you have taught me a lot 

of how to love again

to tell a lie and never get caught

to break free from my chains.


now that i am free

and you are not there

i go down on both knees

and at the empty wall i stare.


tears roll down my cheeks

it feels like several weeks

i had a black out

and lost my love in a stupendous bout.


my heart has been ripped out 

without a doubt

ripped into two

now it can never be anew. 


thats all there is left

and now its gone

held it and kept

it will never see a new dawn.


this is the last time it will beat

turned it from red to grey

i have crushed it under my feet

i am keeping it this way.


tie it in lock and key

where no one can find

and throw it into the deep sea

where it is out of my mind.


back to being my old self again

back to the old lont

single is in

love in the bin.


i will never love no more

nor from the surface nor from care

nor from anything else 

super bare.


you want me to change

and what if i do?

will you act strange?

or will i be the same to you?


i have held you in my heart

and i never wanted to part

no matter how hard it gets going

no matter how much its snowing.


coz the heart does not break even

and my life is uneven

shattered on the wall

waiting to hear your call. 

Broken hearts

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