Fairy Cakes, Butterflies and High Tea

Part one: Afternoon Tea
Sandwiches, scones and butterfly cakes
adorning lily white, fringed table cloths Matching gloved hands
giving silver service
Waitresses in linen aprons
and frilly hats
that cover locks
of unkempt hair.
Tea rooms steaming
The aroma’s from rich brews
of Indian, Darjeeling , Earl Grey
and mint teas
permeate through both floors
Crammed with aristocracy 

Genuine silver
two and three tier cake stands
dominate the landscape
of chairs and tables
in their neat little rows
All with tales to tell no doubt
from intimate tait au tait’s
over strawberry jam and Devon cream. 
Crystal cut glass ash trays
being on every table in times such
to catch flicked ash
from gold tipped cigarettes
Held tightly
in chic gold leaf decorated holders.

Part Two: High Tea
Now though at a much later hour
In rows of terraced houses
tea is also being served
But heartier cheap cuisine 
No silver or gloved hand
Workers craving basic sustenance
after a day of hard labour
In need of hot and filling fare 
With perhaps a beer if at all to spare
Thus reviving flagging spirits

Contrasting lives, conditions, stories
Fairy cakes, butterflies and high tea.


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Fred Varden

Wed 28th Feb 2018 21:30

Yes lovely, it’s coming right back as a popular thing to do. The famous Polly Tea Rooms in Marlborough is very near to where I have family. Thank you both for reading and commenting.

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M.C. Newberry

Wed 28th Feb 2018 14:29

Takes me back to a place (long gone) called "Dellers", a
café in the old style near Paignton sea-front in the 1950s
when it was a big treat to be taken there for afternoon
tea and be serenaded by a small group of musicians. I
imagine Monty Python would have been inspired by a
place like that in those days.

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Graham Sherwood

Wed 28th Feb 2018 11:54

I can taste all of this Fred.

I must confess we have reinstated the idea of having a couple of friends around for afternoon tea now and again, it’s a very civilised thing to do.

My favourite is Russian Caravan without milk.

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