From Fagin's garret to basement clubs,

from cut throat razors to cuban cigars,

from Whitechapel alleys to Belgravia flats,

people got bought, people got sold,

services rendered, favours returned.


Slanders concocted - lessons learned. 

Crime has always, always paid.


Now online sticky fingers

in respectable houses in nowhere towns

tap away their morse code dreams

in the same old, same old criminal way

'cause crime will always, always pay.  




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Wed 21st Feb 2018 17:01

Gawd 'n Bennett, David I just found your comment, mate. You have voiced my own thoughts in that spirit of playful "sorting out" that used to occur in the old days (so i'm told and seen) me old mucker.

Cheers Ray

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Wolfgar Miere

Thu 15th Feb 2018 21:24

I would imagine that all the fun has one out of crime when considering its transition to the cyber arena. I mean what can possibly replace the slash of a razor or the breaking of bone.

Good old legitimate villainy.

Nice one Ray,


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Thu 15th Feb 2018 21:16

Thanks Col. Des and Brian for your likes on this one!


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