A walk in the garden with Juliet (How many Romeos have you killed?)

Hey, Juliet, your time has come and you’re alone.

All your childhood dreams have grown and your still standing in your sequins.

Reflections prompt so many questions while loosing your religion:


Maybe you shouldn’t have listened to your mother?

Could Romeo have been disguised as another,

Simply passed over as just another lover?

Always searching for the ideal partner…


The poets have deceived you.

God has forgotten you.

Now time has betrayed you…


Where is what is yours!

What was meant for you!

God damn all who have forsaken you!


Where is your story!

How does it start?

What of your piece in the quilt?

When does it begin?

What about your heart…


Oh Juliet, my sweet Juliet.

Maybe Love has found it’s way to you,

And you don’t know how to keep it?

You don’t, my sweet Juliet.

You reach out and embrace it.


Maybe, love is for poets, to be portrayed in art.

Not something which belongs to anyone.

For we would just tear it apart…


Love is all around you Juliet, look and you will see.

Romeo is right in front of you.

Holding a rose of tranquillity.


Love lostpoem

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Hannah Collins

Tue 20th Feb 2018 16:37

Beautiful poem. Wonderful lines :
'Maybe, love is for poets, to be portrayed in art.'

Thank you for your comments on my poems too.


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