Murderous Tears

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{Murderous Tears}


These murderous tears

follows down my cheeks 

wetting my shirt as I gently

wipe them away like the

way the did you by murdering

you in cold blooded murder

and it left me here like a

child that was orphaned 

to survive in these darkened

cold streets that the

blood stained asphalt

surrounds my feet 


But I cannot fathom 

how they stole your life

away from me 


But all I want is justice

but the court system is

not working and so

corrupted beyond Satan's 

power so I ask out  loud

what or when will I get 

my justice or my revenge 

on them coward ass holes

that gunned you down like

you was nothing but a 

damn dog wagging his tail

trying to bite their hand 

when they had no idea or 

clue who you was in life 

and now in death you are a

saint of all saints as you 

live on through me as I

splatter these words of

sadness all over my paper

and canvas while it spreads

to the walls and foundation

of life and death that

surrounds us all 


until the day we meet

again in heaven my

brother save me a seat

because we are gonna 

rock hard until the skies 

are gonna be rocking causing

the earth to quake down

like life living in philly or 

motown as we will shut 

it down 


because for now I only

have these murderous

tears that follows down

my cheeks 


P.S. I love you Lil-Loco 

and I am missing you

every day 



©Tina Glover All Rights Reserved / One_Pissed_Off_American_Ghost_Writer February 24,2018 

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