right now i miss you very much
this feeling inside that
i feel you will shrug off
for too much has happened
we've seen too much
done way too much
for this to matter to you
or me but it's there
right inside me
not going but residing
the feeling that i miss you
and we should of done more
gone to more places
cared for one another more
loved the other more
instead of fighting
but don't they say
those who fight are like lovers?
i'm not sure i agree
tho this feeling is there
is it coz things are changing?
as new events form
and come into beingĀ 
let's forget the fights and rows
we'll do it all again
from the beginning
the right way
where we only turn left
down the correct path
not the road paved with lead
that leads to wrack and ruin
with false temptations and fakery
let part 2 begin...


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