It's always been claimed that places can be haunted,

uneasiness felt around ancient doors.

Fleeing the skies to settle scores:

undefined figures, strange lights, sounds,

impressions in restless beds

up to those well-rehearsed tricks.


But I met an old man at the dead of day.

He said: perhaps it's us that are haunted,

carrying our burdens to sympathetic rooms,

baring our spirits' woes and wounds

that draws these old adversaries

from dreams in graves and turbulent tombs. 





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Wed 21st Feb 2018 16:42

Thank you for selecting this poem Charlotte - your comment is welcome. I think if you have a compulsion it would be only natural (not supernatural, haha) to follow it up. There are many things unexplained that can be spontaneous and need examining. I'm sure you will follow your dream in this respect as I did. Keep an open mind at all times!!


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Charlotte Thomas-Rowe

Tue 20th Feb 2018 12:00

A riveting poem, with a beautiful flow - I feel compelled to know more about the supernatural. It is a very interesting perspective too!

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Wed 7th Feb 2018 16:10

I'll try to give my simple answers to the raft of great comments herein today !

David, thanks mate. You seem to re-inforce the poem's suggestion as to bringing influences to the table ; I personally think that some people are "receivers" or call them mediumistic in that parlance; others may have an innate sensitivity which acts as a trigger in certain environments. I have had too many weird experiences (apart from using WOL) not to be thus aware . It makes life interesting and also a challenge. The issue of redemption and all that jazz I think is drafted on or shall we say inwardly interpreted from a smorgasbord of issues, some of which are of course are inherited. I think some poems are "contrived" and others are outpourings with lots of shades in between. Not sure where mine lie -but I do like to be in control!!

Thanks Paul. The practice of exorcism seems to be connected with demonology and "evil influences." I have been with clairvoyants who claimed to have sent spirits on from an earthbound limbo attracted by past attachments. This perhaps is in the same vein as you mention, without of course the training and backing of a vast edifice that gives it credibility. As society becomes more materialistic in its methods, so the grip becomes more tenuous of course. Superstitions could give rise to mania and hysteria in the past. Thanks for reflecting on
the last verse. It is, like so much, just an idea.

Thanks Jennifer, so many stories out there! My brother camped in Glencoe, and swore that he heard massed bagpipes as he drifted off, It spooked him out. What he ate I canna say! Thanks for sharing that. Talking of Italy, actually Venice, check out Don't Look Now.!

Many thanks additionally for liking this,David, Ruby and Psylentskog.

Suki, fascinating thoughts indeed. We are mainly composed of chemicals and electricity I suppose and are we just terminals? wow! Quantum physics may yet reveal what you suggest.

Thanks Hannah. I know what you mean. Children seem to much more open to the unexplained, perhaps because parents have not had yet time to do it for them.

Also thanks Ray for trying to step up to the plate.

Ray Luv to all.

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Tue 6th Feb 2018 21:38

Sorry peeps, bit delayed, rushed off my old pins with poetry readings and a music concert back to back. God it was hell in there! I'll come back to this re your valued comments tomorrow (Wednesday), as it needs a clear mind , cheers!


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suki spangles

Sun 4th Feb 2018 11:51

Watcha Ray,

Perhaps we are ghosts in another's dimension? Who knows?
It could be that there are other life-forms usually outside our visual spectrum that occasionally become visible. If human consciousness exists outside of us as well as within, perhaps a remnant of that consciousness remains behind sometimes after we have "passed over".

Lovely poem. You certainly got us thinking..


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Hannah Collins

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 21:29

We lived in a house once with a kitchen you thought twice about going into !
I love this poem, spooky but not too scary.
Thought provoking.


jennifer Malden

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 16:57

Hi Ray!
Loved restless souls! Agree absolutely that 'it's us that are haunted'. Often if those left behind have a guilty conscience about something .......! Many people have unexplainable experiences though. I went to visit a war cemetery here, on the way to visit a son in hospital. There were a great many Ghurkhas, - the only mountain troops the allies had, and I felt sorry for them so far from home. Then, I found my son with a book open on his bed, where there was one word written in capitals, so that I just couldn't miss it. It was 'namasthe', the Hindu 'hello'. Too much of a coincidence"! Also I'm Scottish, and Scotland is full of ghosts.In Italy they see Madonnas, we see ghosts! All the best, Jennifer

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 12:19

Hi Ray and Keith,

just to pop back in after your comment Keith and clarify my meaning, if needed (forgive me if not)

It seems we are in agreement regarding the existence of unexplained happenings Keith, just not about the source of their possible origins. I cannot deny such things occur as unfortunately I have witnessed unexplainable happenings myself (within the confines of current human parameters of thought) I don't think either of the two theories which have been posed here are provable beyond any doubt at this point in time.

To clarify my use of the word "pontificate" which may seem a little harsh to those who don't, all I would say is that some do. I apologize to those who are reasonable in their held beliefs and resist the urge for pontification. That said, those who do still amuse me.

I appreciate your example Keith and do not doubt it for one moment. But I think the conclusion to be drawn should be that whatever was causing the disturbance in the household prior to the act of exorcism ceased soon after the act, it doesn't conclusively reveal or expose the source.

In defense of possible accusations of my own pontification, I would defend my position by reiterating my own stance is far from proven, it is merely an idea.

It's an interesting area to ponder over and which the Church, its many secret orders and some not so secret have long poured resources into and devoted much time to.

With the greatest of respect to all, except the pontificators.


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keith jeffries

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 09:57


I find your poem intriguing as also is David´s response to it. The presence of kinetic energy and the activity of poltergeists have been studied at some length by those interested in the paranormal and the Church´s Ministry of Deliverance. (exorcism). I have had personal experience of such activity which cannot be excused or ignored. One example comes to mind of a building occupied by several elderly people which experienced objects being moved involuntarily, damp patches and cold areas in certain parts of a room, a lift which operated itself during the night and residents who experienced physical trauma in their rooms. On investigation it was discovered that there had been two deaths in the building, one of which had been a suicide and the other a death where the deceased had left an item of hate mail for his family. An act of exorcism ensued which completely cleared the situation. Therefore I can only conclude that there exists, what Ray has written in his final stanza, to be true.

I believe in things seen and unseen and do so with a very open mind.

Thank you both

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Wolfgar Miere

Sat 3rd Feb 2018 07:47

Good morning Ray,

Much of your writing draws the reader in due to the nature of the subject, the problem with that is I often find myself skipping any comment about the written piece and merely addressing the conversation.

The verses fit well and roll off the tongue easily, unfolding various questions gently, almost without registering what is being asked of the reader.

I know we have had the conversation about hauntings and ghosts a few times, I myself believe I have seen unexplained goings on. I believe we are not so much visited than we are the visitors, meaning that we may be able to project things and feelings without even being aware of it.

In that respect we may create such apparently paranormal events. When considering the huge amount of space our brains seem to reserve for inactivity I see no reason why this couldn't possibly be so, it's as likely as any other unworldly explanation surely.

Of course many want to believe in something out there, it gives a sense of hope I suppose. Some are keen to suggest that we live in the present but then ironically pontificate about how something unknown in the future is going to rescue and redeem us all, or somehow punish us for not being just quite right or conforming to some mystic code. Amusing notions indeed, but ones to which any are entitled.

Personally, I am very much in the present, living it as desired.

Nice poem Ray,


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