cult (02/25/2018)

Dianetics :
fake sweeteners' faith for diabetics
saccharine and hollow 
following and tumbling after 
brave men to eat a labyrinth 
sold cardboard insurance disasters

gun-running is in my blood 
but I've never sold with a smile
ravenous as a cult following
leaden-mired and wallowing
for the right to wear hearts
beared on sleeves
and my departed leave none bereaved
only but incensed:
chasing picket lines, riots 
on a white picket fence 
measuring back yards of other nations 
meandering debates 
to keep the wolves of thought at bay 
from our own

and here we are again
thumbs in lockets
faces stomped in 
lives snuffed out
springs and sprockets
playing Russian roulette in hindsight 
'he was always a little off' 
school counseling funds 
switching prescriptions, looking up 
to a mandatory god
switchblading pieces 
spared by the spoiled rod 
rewrite that thesis 
behavioral psych: 
'see the signs, don't have the funding'
number stamped and pushed over another year 
squished down and crumpled up 
drip fed movies and monster trucks 
heroes blasting down the vile 
swallow back the blood and bile
stomping thru crime scenes with that old trusty second amendment friend:

the waiting, easy solution to every problem in the world
sold on lower counters , easier to reach 
than the end of a debate.

guns don't kill people

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