Words of The Waiting Man 4

Lately my mind feel so defeated
Maybe these issues I can't fix
You're gone and I'm bearing my teeth
Trying to get the words to come out right

You made me feel whole
But lately I feel like I'm just a walking corpse
I know life isn't supposed to be fair
But lately I feel like it's just being downright cruel

You're the taste of cigarettes and beer
That I craved every morning
What am I supposed to do with this light house
And that car that I never wanted
I'll give you the money form it 

Don't worry about my happiness 
It's not really important
I'll just sit down and wait at this light house 
That doesn't shine anymore

After all I'm just man who waits 
For a firefly that has already gave up on me
But he'll still wait even if time depletes him into nothing
For he is the man who waits all alone

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