We tread carefully with the mere thought of getting it so dreadfully wrong, one may ask what ‘it’ is?. Is ‘it’ the walk of life?, the work we do and the love we hold so dear?, is ‘it’ that everything we cherish could so easily turn to dust with our fear, a nightmare beyond proportion fighting for survival, striving for success then at the stroke of achievement like a wonderous ice sculpture the weather changes to dissolve all that is beautiful into water. 

Our ways as homosapiens meaning ‘to be wise’ go forth with the ability to survive, to be the most attractive man, she is the petal that must be plucked and in order to do so will smile with dignity, to be set as a rare orchid singlely displayed in a meadow of poppies frozen through a winter chill, then all of a sudden there is a spurt of joy, a warmer climate dramatically climbs high into the sky drawing the moisture away thus remaining the only flower to survive and win through with courage to the end. 

Man' with a strength of conviction and willpower becomes whatever he desires to warm the heart of a lonely orchid, yet after seasons of change from urgent beginnings wilt into that empty nothingness we all sometimes endeavour, leaving a gaping hole, falling through, on and down, until everything that once was open and light deepens into a  black hole, yet what adventure awaits on the other side. 

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Patricio LG

Thu 1st Mar 2018 14:19


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Rick Varden

Wed 28th Feb 2018 11:30

A really good enjoyable piece that many of us can relate to. Well done!

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